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Vicious Circle by Linda  Robertson
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Jan 24, 2010

really liked it

Imagine you are witch just minding your own witchy business. And then imagine that you are drawn neck deep into a murder, are conned into taking a hit out on a vampire (and haven’t the foggiest on how to “off” someone), and housing one very sexy rock n’ roll waerewolf. All with your elderly crabby nana nipping at your heels, a ciggy ever present at her lips. Such is the case of Linda Robertson’s Vicious Circle. Robertson gently clubs you over the head with a thrilling read.

One of the things that make Persephone Alcmedi so appealing is that she is not an overtly powerful character-at least not right off the bat. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have some serious clout. Rather Robertson has hammered her into a gentle but very resilient witch. She’s not the bad ass that rolls into town on a motorcycle with a rifle strapped to her back. But she definitely does rise to the occasion when it is needed. Here we have a character who for all intents and purposes, is virtually clueless about the supernatural world outside of her own sphere.

As a solitary, but hereditary witch with significant power, and a few waerewolf friends to call her own, life was pretty simple. Readers get to journey with Seph as she learns that she is capable of so much more and an astounding destiny awaits her as the Lustrata. The reader is drawn to this as the character develops. And as for Menessos…woo-wee..Robertson has spared no expense in drawing him. As much as Johnny will give everyone a rock n’ roll heartache, Menessos is definitely the one to watch. He will make you pant for more.

Robertson has all the cues, all the required ingredients to make a hot pot of chili and she is quite the cooker so far, but let’s ratchet up the pace of the plot, toss in some more cayenne (just a smidge), and set the burner to simmer and you’ll have one heck of a firecracker. This series has great potential and I will definitely be reading more of Linda Robertson!
(c)Nicola Mattos
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