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Knock Me for a Loop by Heidi Betts
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Jan 21, 2010

it was amazing
bookshelves: contemporary-romance, romantic-comedy
Read in January, 2010

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A CK2S K2 Recommended Read!

“Amazing” Grace Fisher and Zack “Hot Legs” Hoolihan have been practically inseparable since their first chance meeting. However, everything changed when Grace surprised Zack in his hotel room one night and found another woman in his bed! (see Loves Me, Loves Me Knot) Zack swore his innocence but Grace, furious and heart broken, went straight to her friends in her knitting group for solace.

Fast forward several months…

Grace and Zack are through but poor Zack is so miserable since Grace trashed his Hummer, his apartment, and stole his dog. Unable to concentrate on anything, a random accident on the ice has Zack severely injured and too depressed to do much about it, convinced his hockey career will never be the same. Only Grace has what it takes to bring him out of his funk. Now they are together in forced proximity for the length of his recovery and their mutual attraction still sizzles. Now Grace is wondering how Zack still has the ability to “Knock Me for a Loop” in love.

I went back and forth as I was reading between praising Grace for sticking to her guns in her belief Zack cheated on her, and wanting to smack her for being so darned stubborn. I think my reaction was pretty representative of Grace herself as well. She is so hurt about Zack’s believed betrayal that all she can think about is making him hurt as much as she did. Yet, as the story progresses and Zack’s story never changes she starts to remember everything she loved about him and wants to believe him in his claims of innocence. Naturally, this causes for some extreme tension and conflict between the two as they spend so much time together during Zack’s convalescence and recovery.

Zack is one to melt a girl’s heart so it’s no wonder Grace can’t resist him. He’s the strong and sexy type, highly successful in his hockey career… and madly in love with Grace. When she believes the worst of him, he is just as heartbroken as Grace, being lost without her shining light in his life. His depression is increased by the fact that Grace stole his St. Bernard, Bruiser, renamed him Muffin, and proceeded to attempt turn him into a sissy dog with all the pink sweaters with matching booties she’s knitted for him.

One thing that can’t be denied no matter what misunderstandings there are between Grace and Zack, is that they still have a lot of pent up attraction to one another or they wouldn’t be wondering so much how each one has managed to Knock Me for a Loop. Readers can look forward to plenty of humor filled minutes as they curl up with this good book and read from beginning to end.

Heidi Betts has a way of writing highly sensual, greatly amusing stories that lure you into the story and keep you prisoner until the story is finished. Knock Me for a Loop is a wonderful example of this skill. Her slogan for the series “a funny, sexy yarn” fits perfectly. Knock Me for a Loop is a laugh riot with some megawatt sensuality between former lovers Grace and Zack. Of course, a little bit of magic never hurts and Charlotte is back, weaving her own spell with her spinning wheel to help these reluctant lovebirds find happiness again.

© Kelley A. Hartsell, January 2010. All rights reserved.

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