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Wake by Lisa McMann
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Jan 21, 2010

really liked it

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What a nice change of pace. Something that is supernatural without having werewolves and vampires (though I still find Edward and Eric dreamy.) Entering dreams is what has plagued Janie since she was eight. It started sporadically at first, but now as she is closer to graduating from high school, she is being sucked in to dream after dream of whoever is sleeping around her. If that is not bad enough, it is not without physical consequences. Her hands go numb, she is temporarily blinded when coming out of the dreams and it is physically draining on her body.

The character that I truly enjoy is Cabel. He has had a terrible upbringing, however chose to make something positive out of his life. As an undercover detective (narc) in the high school for the police department, he is a strong character with good morals. I love that he breaks the stereotype of a poor, bad boy as he makes perfect grades and good choices. He, who has never been loved before, and Janie, who has never been loved or loved anyone else before, have a somewhat mature relationship. They usually work out their differences by – get this people- actually talking out the problems they are having. However young these characters are, they are more mature than the normal high school senior, as they have had to live basically alone and have lived responsibly for years. They are not children anymore, nor did they get a childhood. Sad. That is what makes me like them, feel for them, and want them to succeed in careers and together.

After Cabel finds Janie in his terrifying nightmare – not so terrifying for the reader- watching him, he confronts her and wants to help her. And she just wants to help him with his dream. She also finds out that he has had a crush on her for a long while. She is relieved to have someone to look out for her after all these years and so is Cabel. They fall in love.

What bothers me is that I don’t know what the characters look like. I always picture the characters when they speak and I changed look after look in my head since I couldn’t decide. I still don’t know what they look like. I liked that it was a different writing style. I honestly see these books, Wake, Fade, and probably Gone, being made into a movie in the future. The story: well, the story did not strike me with fear. It didn’t make me have to guess who was the bad guy, how the dream situation would be solved, or what would happen at the end. So, you ask, what made me read the rest of the books? Lisa’s writing, the entering of dreams, and she made me care about the relationship between Cabel and Janie.

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