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Prophecy by Elizabeth Haydon
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Jan 20, 2010

did not like it
Read from January 20 to February 05, 2010

** spoiler alert ** All right, I give up. This is going to come off as if I'm a horrible, bitter person, and I don't care. This book was one of the worst I've ever read, and I really regret making myself finish it. Take this review with a grain of salt.

If 50% of the words in this book had been cut none of the plot would have been lost. I shudder to think what the manuscript looked like before she sent it to her agent, and then again before her editor saw it.

Rhapsody has got to be the most infuriating heroine I've ever come across. Mary Sue does not even begin to describe her. She's perfect in every way, but especially in her "exquisite" beauty. She's supposedly incredibly intelligent, yet she shows her ignorance constantly. She's supposedly incredibly compassionate, yet she comes off as as haughty and condescending the moment someone disagrees with her - and especially when they're correct. She's supposedly selfless, but when she makes a decision the world has to move for her to change her mind.

On top of that, she's practically invincible. Anyone she needs help from willingly gives it to her the moment she needs it, but it's rare that she needs help because the author has given her so many powers - most of which are vague enough that the reader can't possibly know their limits - that we can't even be biting our nails when she gets into trouble, because we know she's going to come up with SOMETHING to get herself out of it. Why do we care about her plight when we know it isn't even a plight to begin with?

There were so many things that could have been awesome here, yet weren't. For example, her dragon ally refuses to call her by name but instead calls her "Pretty," yet another way to show how beautiful our heroine is. As if we needed another reason. Apparently this is supposed to be endearing - it comes off as patronizing to me. Despite the warnings against the dragon and how dangerous she could be, at no time do you fear for the character. There is no tension whatsoever; it just ends up boring.

I couldn't help thinking, "Infodump!" every few pages. There is no possible reason that the reader needs to know even a third of the crap that Haydon piles onto us. I know that after I hit the halfway mark in the book I gave up on wading through the tripe and had not trouble understanding the actual plot. No reader wants to be bogged down by too much backstory or history, yet it's forced upon us anyway.

And could the relationship between Rhapsody and Ashe be any more sickeningly sweet? No one talks like that, and even if they did the reader doesn't need to know every sweet thought that comes through the lovers' minds. But let's pretend that isn't an issue. What about the F'dor? It's a horrific demon that's supposed to be hell-bent on destroying the world, yet our heroes just decide to take a few months and live in bliss together and THEN go seek it out? What kind of sense could that possibly make? The tension in this could have been awesome, but instead I found it hard to care what the F'dor was up to because it couldn't be THAT bad if the characters could wait it out for a few months.

The sex scenes were way over the top, too. Again, I found myself skipping them. If I wanted to read a romance novel, I'd have been reading one. I don't have a problem with sex scenes if they serve to further the plot, but these most definitely did not.

On top of that, the entire time that Rhapsody was avoiding reality with Ashe she neglected her friends, including her "adoptive sister," Jo. I found Jo's death scene to be unmoving and Rhapsody's grief over it unbelievable. Nowhere did it ever show that Rhapsody really cared about Jo. We were TOLD that she cared, but the first rule of writing is to show, not tell, and it should definitely have been applied here.

I won't even get into how annoyed I was with the several chapters that won't even matter in the next book because Rhapsody doesn't even remember them, because if I did I'd be writing a novel myself.

The plot itself was good, but the tension was not there and the characters were so flat that they may as well have been pancakes. I didn't care what happened to them or to their world. This book could not have fallen further than it did.
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