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Hatchet by Gary Paulsen
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Nov 02, 2007

it was amazing
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Read in November, 2007

basically, Biran is the main character in the story, he is getting on a plane to go visit his father; his parents are divorced. he also has a giant burden on his back, his mother was having an affair.
before he leaves , his mother gives him a hatchet. after, he sets off, he talks with the pilot and has a little fun by piloting the airplane swerving and swoppoing up and down. until suddenly, the pilot has a heartattack becasue of gas and dies. brian is forced to fly the plane himself, but until the fuel runs out, he stops at a lake to kind of softne the impact.
he wakes upon a beach.
this starts him on his new journey, a journey to survive. this is kind of a rebirth for him; he learns to do things he would nt neccesarily do in life, but now that he has to, he is. he learns how to survive, he fends off cretures such as skinks, porcupines, bears, and mooses; he is able to be keep himself from starvation by findinf food among trees and the creatures of the wild such as fowls and rabbits and fish. he also creates his own shelter, fire,, his own weapons for hunting, a pond for which he keeps a stock of fish, and a list of things he makes so that his life is a little bit ore easier than it is in the wild( even though its not that easy in the first place). basically, one day, a tornado rips his location apart. he still survives, but when he goes outside, he sees that the plane he flew in was flipped up. he then figures out that there was a survival pack in the back of the plane; he goes and retireves it.
after hard work, he ravages through the bag. he finds his own riches such as pots and pans, food, guns, radio which he immedialitey uses. he then feasts on packs of food and drink from the survival pack.
until a plane comes and lands in the lake. he steps out and sees brian.
the stroy ends with the epilouge wchich tells of brian and how he was the kid people had been looking for for over two months. how he had no fat in hsi body anymore and exploited the area in which he lived in and ws able to survive in.

i really enjoyed this story. it seems like one of the stories that you know you can learn from if youre ever in brians situation. i know that if i was in the wilderness near a lake, i could proibably reenact his actions to survive; but id most defintiely need a hatchet, or he and i would naver ever be able to pull anything off. .....awesome story:)
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message 2: by Collin (new)

Collin Cahill Thank you for your review!you have given a great summary to this book and now when I read it I will understand the book better!

Damian Although this was more of a summary than a book review it was still a really good summary. Your summary/review had all the important characteristics that a summary needs covering all the important things in the book. Despite all that it is a review for people that are trying to read the book so maybe try not to give every single thing away. I also agree with you that this is a story that you can learn from not only survival skills but, that if you are going through a rough time you're not the only one. Brian also was having a rough time with his parents recently being divorced. He even got stranded in the middle of no where for 2 months on his own. But this book shows that even if you are having a bad or rough time you can still get through it and everything will be okay.

Dalton James soften*

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