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Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot by Al Franken
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Jan 19, 2010

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Read in December, 1995

Read this in college at a time when I was trying to stay friends with someone who was listening to Rush Limbaugh and talking to me about it. It was really hard to have a conversation like that. When I sampled his radio program to see what I could say in answer to it, I noticed that Limbaugh would state some pretty obscure facts and to refute his arguments you would have to chase around figuring out if he made it up or just took it out of context or if he had a point - which like anyone, he sometimes does have - just not as big a point as he manages to make out of it. I needed the internet to refute his arguments, but it was just getting borned (Netscape 2.0 came out this year, I believe) and so I had to read Al Franken instead.

The problem was, Al made it clear to me that I just couldn't have a conversation about these things with someone who wanted to listen to Rush. To want to listen to Rush was to want to see the world in a certain way that I didn't choose to see the world. I don't think everyone should pull themselves up by their bootstraps or that the government is inherently evil, and I doubt I ever will.

To want to read Al Franken was to want to laugh at the absurdity of someone presenting such an ideology as the only true way to look at things, instead of as an ideology.

It was a funny book and it did well because, as I later learned, liberals don't just like to listen to themselves talk about how right they are (RIP AirAmerica), they like to be satirical, or ironic, or wry - or at least examine things rationally, maybe concede a point or two, lose the debate as far as the audience is concerned, and feel enlightened.

Conservatives tend to like to win. They like being told by their polemicists to tell them that they are absolutely right and the other guy is unequivocally wrong, weak and stupid (thus, the title is not really meant as an insult, it's meant to be ironic, and appeal to liberals). Liberals like to believe that they are taking an open-minded and intelligent position that will be respected, even if you disagree. In this way I believe we really are like French people, as the conservatives like to insinuate.

So of course at the time Al Franken was just a comedian from Saturday Night Live and now he is a United States Senator. A rare but interesting case of someone who stops heckling the players and jumps onto the field and scores a home run.
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Andrew Obrigewitsch Rush is a collage drop out, lived in his parents basement and is a pill popping drug addict. He didn't pull himself up by his bootstraps. It's just angry white men that never succeeded in life that like him.

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