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Con Ed by Matthew Klein
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Jan 16, 2010

it was ok
Read in January, 2010

When Roman consuls returned from war, having won great and terrible victories they were granted the honor of a massive parade. They rode through the streets of Rome made to look ashen, like the statues of Apollo, in recognition of their feat. Lest they become too headstrong, however, a man rode next to them whispering the whole time, "You are but a man."

This book reminds me of that for the simple reason that it reaffirmed what I'd known all along: I'm not Caesar and this is not a triumph.

Reading this book is like watching a magician who keeps telling you, "You know, there's a trick here...nothing you see is real."

We love magicians and fiction because they're transcendent experiences that allow us to escape the dreary bounds of the bondage imposed on us by the tyrant Physics and the cruel dictates of Civil Society. To rob us of such an escape after promising it is the worst trick...and incidentally the best con this books portrays.

A book about a con man that is itself a con. I think some college student's head just exploded.

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