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Scared Stiff by Laura Baumbach
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Jan 15, 2010

liked it

** spoiler alert ** The Good: Soul Desire by Laura Baumbach
The mystery was interesting and had an intriguing history behind it. The romance didn't look forced and the first step toward it came from the guy I didn't expect, pretty hilarious.

Neutral: Ghost of a Chance by Josh Lanyon and Wild Onions by Sarah Black
I enjoyed the mystery stories of these two authors tremendously in Partners in Crime but this time I found them lacking somewhat.

First off Josh Lanyon's Ghost of a Chance, it was the scariest one for me, the mystery was also interesting enough but the high point was one of his character who wasn't drop dead gorgeous. It made for an interesting romance until it came to the climax of the anticipated sex scene. This was prolly disappointing only for me since I'm not much for reversi, but yeah having the rather vulnerable and emotionally unstable guy on top while the confident, arrogant, rough cop gets to play bottom for the only sex scene of the story was, as I said, disappointing, it looked out of sort and it didn't fit with what we read of them previously. I can deal with reversi if the situation calls for it and it doesn't look weird, this sadly wasn't it for me though.

Next up, Sarah Black's Wild Onions. It was somewhat confusing and...let's face it, boring. It was long and nothing really exciting was happening. It wasn't bad but it definitely wasn't good either.

The Bad: Renderings of Souls by William Maltese
This is going to be as short as the story. It was totally incomprehensible. So much so that it made me think I was retarded until I realized it wasn't me that was, but this story. There's absolutely nothing to understand in it. A bunch of different guys and they all have sex. That's all there was to it for about 56 pages. It was crude and made me grimace. And that's saying something when I can read Tortuga's infinite circle of orgasms without flinching, and even enjoy it. The point, there was nothing good in this story at all and it's making me totally wary to even try anything else by him if that's how he writes. Very uninteresting and I'm so very glad it was the shortest story of them all.
I'd like to write summary, really I would, but I already said everything going on in there and I didn't understand anything else, so there.

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