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Almost Human by Melanie Nowak
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Jan 15, 2010

really liked it

I bought this trilogy based on the overall scoring and the reviews posted and I was not disappointed. Many of the reviews compared this trilogy to the Twilight series. I am a huge fan of Twilight but was not looking for this series to be identical; I wanted this trilogy to be completely separate and carry on a story of its own (which it did). I realize that there were some similarities, but I did not feel ALMOST HUMAN was simply taking the Twilight stories and just inserting new character names. In short, keep these two series separate - do not compare the stories since they are completely independent and both great in their own right.

So, about the ALMOST HUMAN trilogy...
The characters were great, I loved or disliked them based on their role as (I hope) was intended. Of the characters that are in the "loved" bucket, I found their development and personalities very well defined. Even the characters that were secondary or minimally engaged were well defined. The "bad" characters were complex by way of not being 100% bad - they teetered between good, misunderstood, and bad really well.

The relationships really made the stories endearing. So many various relationships and hopes and fears within them... They reflected a lot of the relationships you encounter in life quite believable - showing that one person can have so many different types of relationships with various people, not one was one-dimensional.

And the love story? Oh my goodness, talk about chemistry (both physically and mentally). Ahhhh and swoon... That's all I am going to say. I loved it...

I really loved that the story had alternating points of view between the main characters. That aspect of the trilogy removed a lot of the "what was he/she thinking while she/he was acting this way," etc. The only thing regarding the alternating perspectives is it seemed as though the thoughts that Felicity had were sometimes phrased more as how I would imagine Cain would speak (more formal vs. teenage/young adult).

From a more technical standpoint: The editing missed a few things, yes, but I don't think it was anything that took away from the story as a whole. It needs to be understood that this author is completely independent, the writing, editing, and publishing was self managed. It is hard to catch every single error, however the size, when a professional publishing company is handling the process. To edit your work yourself would be even more challenging. Again, yes, there were some errors or some oddities, but nothing that I found to be unforgivable or even distracting from the overall story.

To sum up - The story pulled at my heartstrings and really left me completely anticipating the continuing trilogies. I would recommend this series without hesitation!
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