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Donna of the Dead by Alison Kemper
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really liked it
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I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley. No money was exchanged for my review.
Donna Pierce might hear voices, but that doesn’t mean she’s crazy. Probably.
The voices do serve their purpose, though—whenever Donna hears them, she knows she’s in danger. So when they start yelling at the top of their proverbial lungs, it’s no surprise she and her best friend, Deke, end up narrowly escaping a zombie horde. Alone without their families, they take refuge at their high school with the super-helpful nerds, the bossy class president, and—best of all?—Liam, hottie extraordinaire and Donna’s long-time crush. When Liam is around, it’s easy to forget about the moaning zombies, her dad’s plight to reach them, and how weird Deke is suddenly acting toward her.
But as the teens’ numbers dwindle and their escape plans fall apart, Donna has to listen to the secrets those voices in her head have been hiding. It seems not all the zombies are shuffling idiots, and the half-undead aren’t really down with kids like Donna…

If you think that Donna of the Dead is like this: or that Donna would be like this all the time, you're wrong.
What Donna of the Dead actually is is a book with a combination of things that I love in books:
•a not-even-close-to-perfect situation

This is the author's first book, and she did a heck of a good job on it. She wrote a voice for Donna that was... Teenagee. Well that felt pretty awkward putting into words, since I am one. I'll describe it.
Donna's sense of humor was pretty awesome. She's heroine that can crack a joke during the zombie apocalypse. Her sense of humor calmed me down when I was freaked out, waiting to see who would turn zombie. Yep, there have been moments where she annoyed me, but there really weren't that many. Nobody's perfect. And if a female character is, they're labeled Mary Sues. I can proudly say that Donna isn't one. She's not comfortable with going from normal teenager to zombie slayer overnight. She's not exactly used to running over zombies(hehe) or swinging off their heads with a pink gold club.
I'll give some examples of the humor that I loved:
'I turn on the windshield wipers and the water-squirter thingie. The zombie sputters on a mouthful of washer fluid, then breaks off a wiper and tosses it to the ground. “Oh, that was helpful,” Deke says. “Now he’s a clean zombie.”'

'Deke’s right, except only one zombie attacks. The lone man crawls from the shade of the overpass, where he’s been hiding in the semi-darkness. He staggers toward us, lifting his arms and going “Argh!” like an extra in a B-list horror film. I’m so relieved, and the whole thing is so cliché that I actually start to giggle. I toot my horn and wave as I drive away, leaving him wailing and waving his arms like a windmill.'

'“It is not alive. It’s a zombie!” I yell.
Deke scowls at me. “There’s no such thing as zombies.” “Watch!”
I launch the car into first gear, stomp on the gas, and
mow down the monster-man. There’s a sickening, satisfying crunch as his bones shatter beneath the tires, and he falls lifeless on the pavement behind us.
“Crap! You’ve killed him!” Deke shouts, thrusting his fingers into his hair.'

Ah, Deke.
This is the guy that you' drove to be your best friend during the zombie apocalypse. He was a sense of humor as well, is smart, and has apparently gotten strong. Deke's extremely loyal, which is something that I really love about him;)

This is the kind of book that you'd find yourself get sucked into easily. The blurb doesn't mention how there's a strange zombie with a red hat that is a zombie, but has knowledge of his human senses. And that he's evil and I wouldn't mind being the one to kill him. It also doesn't mention the interesting secondary characters. The book has more of a plot than the blurb gives it, basically. And there's a heck of a plot twist in a character.
I'll be sure to read the second book.

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