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Cuts by Richard Laymon
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Jan 12, 2010

it was ok

This was my first Laymon book. I hated it. Passionately. The characters were both cliched and entirely unbelievable. The way the characters dealt with the situations they were placed in were generally senseless and akin to B-grade horror movies in which the naked-but-for-a-towel teenager walks alone into the woods, curious about a noise she heard while in the safety of her house. I didn't care for a single character within the novel, and therefore didn't care when they were mercilessly slaughtered. Yawn.

While I typically don't mind gratuitous gore if it adds to the story, it seemed as if Laymon just laid it on thick for the sake of shock factor. I honestly had the impression that his thought-process while writing the book was along the lines of "If I strew enough gory descriptions throughout each page, everyone will be too distracted to realise there's absolutely nothing worthwhile or even somewhat believable going on here".

In short, the combination of worthless characters acting in illogical ways and nothing-really-happening-save-for-the-gore scenarios just didn't do it for me. I added an extra star both for the fact that Laymon can at least string a decent sentence together and because there were a couple of situations within the novel that did have an effect on me (a scene that involved a pregnant woman and a cold ruthless killer will tend to do that for me).
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message 1: by Jacob J. (new)

Jacob J. I have one Laymon book sitting on the shelf, but it has been far from a priority. Your review is another notch against even giving him a chance.

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