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A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin
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Jan 10, 2010

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8/27/11 Ok, no it didn't take me a month to read the book. It took me a few days. I just waited to write the review because it's one I didn't want to write.

*****BELOW THAR (may) BE SPOILERS********

Ok, I'm underwhelmed. GRRM is undoubtedly a fantastic writer and the writing was superb, as always. But the god damned story is dragging.

1. Dany and her dragons will never ever ever ever ever ever ever get moving. Never ever. Never. And that's bullshit. There was no dancing with dragons. There was a nice little view of dragons in a third rate zoo from a hundred yards away.

2. Everyone else, wtf?

I felt like the majority of this loooooong book was filler material. Like the chips they bring you at the mexican place to hold you over until they cook the meat and cheese.

I'm dreadfully disappointed.


7/22/11 Yes, finally we reads the precious.
7/12/11 Update: The precious, we has it.

The published date says October 28th 2010...

Nobody likes a tease Georgie. Amazon did this to me way back in 08.

Ah yes I fondly remember when I read the first book, I in my training bra, reaching forth into the world George R.R. Martin had created. Gasping as the epic adventure swept me away. Reeling with despair at the loss of father, home, and family. Shocked by the depravity awaiting behind a beautiful façade. Torn with angst over a young life thrown away in the far reaches of the north… I was besotted with a tale, a fantasy so rich it enveloped me in it’s warm embrace and held me there through it’s pages. I knew nothing of deception, nothing of promises broken, but I learned quickly, yes, I learned quickly of the lies of men... especially GEORGE RR FREAKING MARTIN

Rage is hard to convey on a keyboard.

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message 1: by Dennis (new)

Dennis Martin You were wearing a training bra when you read these? I remember when you read them...poor bra...

Junkie for the Written Word ehhum. I was commenting on the length of time it has been since they came out.

However the bra was training... for what is undisclosed.

message 3: by Lacey (new)

Lacey Thank you for making me laugh, Tia. I'm in the same boat and silently WILLING George to finish A Dance With Dragons from afar. :-)

message 4: by Sam (new) - added it

Sam Lo "Rage is hard to convey on a keyboard." Beautiful.

Matt Baker gyarghfgAHHH

Junkie for the Written Word And here we are, more than a year later, and still I am left unsatiated, malcontented, disheartened and disenchanted. And yet, yes even now, my heart yearns. But I struggle onward, my only succor to peer into his world, I click on the banner of red with Lion proudly emblazoned, and for a split second the beating in my chest amplifies. The blood rushes and drowns out all, the only sound that hopeful river racing through my veins. But it was a futile click. I scroll down to see the sad date, January 1st 2008. I try to be strong, I click again, this time a proud stag, rampant on a field of gold, hoping for some news, any news. But he is fickle, fickle and cruel. Rarely a new word of my love, only talk of television shows and football or trips to conferences and sometimes he even speaks of other books he is working on.

I feel that I have been abandoned, my love given and taken for granted, used and dismissed. My abject piety matters little to him, my reverence and quiet patience unnoticed. I feel that I might… go apeshit Misery-esque insane on his old white ass if he doesn’t hurry the hell up.

message 7: by Ibraaab (new)

Ibraaab I've got a question . do I have to read the previous good of the serious or can I just own this one ?!

Junkie for the Written Word Starting with this one would not be my suggestion. I'd read the other ones first.

Zinny You're funny as hell, feel sorry for that keyboard of yours

Junkie for the Written Word Thank you, and I feel sorry for it too, especially since I broke it and now it spends it's days in a lonely grave beside a 1982 tandy with a fist hole through the monitor and an empty bottle of whiskey. But I can't blame that on GRRM. It was that whore Janet Evanovich.

Suzanne Awesome account of the 5th book. Love your humor!!!!!

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