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The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan
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Jan 10, 2010

it was amazing

I listened to this on audible.com www.audible.com/jackmeadows . I am continually amazed at the real-life metaphoric comparison in this series. The author's skillful writing keeps this from becoming tiresome even to this third book. I think that his vivid characterizations must be the key. For example the theme of 'reluctant hero' is one which tends to become aggravating. Truthfully, I didn't think Robert Jordan would be able to pull it off with THREE reluctant heroes but the interplay between protagonist/antagonist keeps me coming back for more.

There seem to be no minor characters in this series. Call me dense, but I often get lost with too many characters and too many unfamiliar names. Not so with The Wheel of Time series. One would just as soon forget the names of friends, even with names like; Rand al'Thor, Nynaeve al'Meara, Egwene al'Vere, Perrin Aybara, Al'Lan Mandragoran, Matrim Cauthon, Moiraine Damodred, Min Farshaw, Elayne Trakand, Aviendha, Siuan Sanche. It seems to help to hear the story read aloud by such talent as Michael Kramer and Kate Reading. They certainly add whole new dimensions of enjoyment.

I started this series several different times and put it down. At the insistence of several of my friends (especially a sister-in-law) I persisted this time and I am glad I did. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best series of this type I have ever read...and I have read no small number. Like so many others before me, I must bow, knuckle my forehead and recognize Robert Jordan as King of the Genre.
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