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Hidden Agendas by Lora Leigh
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Jan 09, 2010

really liked it
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Opening Line:"Diego Fuentes stared into the vast panarama of cliffs and ocean outside of his borrowed home, and reflected on destiny."

HIDDEN AGENDAS is part of Lora Leigh's Tempting Seals/Elite Ops series which I'm a huge fan of. As Usual Lora Leigh's bedroom scenes are some of the hottest you'll read and wow can she write a delicious alpha-male hero. Her descriptions of these muscular, testosterone filled, bulge in the jeans men are yummy. For some reason though this book just never really caught my attention. Kell and Emily as our H/h felt flat to me and the storyline and love scenes were somewhat repetitive. I did however enjoy both the sexy beginning and the exciting ending but had trouble getting into the bulk of this story.

As usual with Lora Leigh you have to put up with repeated sentences, missing words and sloppy editing and if she'd only get herself an editor this book could have been way better. This has been a constant complaint with the series and it's frustrating. I found myself regularly re-reading paragraphs or getting annoyed by a character saying the same thing just phrased differently. Which doesn't allow the story to flow as it should. 3.5 stars

In a very erotic opening we find the Senators daughter, Emily Stanton evading her latest bodyguard and taking dance lessons in a strip club as research for her book. Lieutenant Kell Kreiger who has secretly been watching over her for years manages to talk his way into receiving her first lap dance. This is one hot scene. Ironically Durango team is then assigned to personally protect the Senator and his daughter, with Kell posing as Emily's lover until they can flush out a spy. Someone has been feeding information to the evil drug lord Diego Fuentes and he has plans to kidnap her.

Emily suffers from spoiled little rich girl syndrome and because of her over protective father has led a sheltered life except for those times when she manages to evade her bodyguards and get herself into trouble. The problem now is she can't evade Kell and isn't sure if she really wants to. Kell falls in love with the spunky Emily very quickly and although he wants to marry her he can't even tell her how he feels. He will first have to come to terms with a tragedy from his past so that he can give himself to her wholly.

I had a bit of trouble here with Emily's status as a virgin but Kell's sexy Cajun accent whenever he got turned on allowed me to overlook this. Although Emily's constant fights with her father were still overdone and boring. Kell and the team escort Emily to several society parties where we meet some potential mole suspects. They even manage to have steamy sex in a limo before Fuentes and his spies eventually kidnap her. Will Kell be able to rescue her in time? And who's that drugged and naked Navy Seal locked in the cell with her?

Even though I was somewhat disappointed with this particular instalment it's still a necessary part of a great series and I think it could also be read as a stand alone. It was good to hear from my favourite Seal, Nathan again and finally get some back story on him. I also really enjoyed Ian and Kira as secondary characters and look forward to their story next in Killer Secrets.
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UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish It was good to hear from my favourite Seal, Nathan again and finally get some back story on him. I also really enjoyed Ian and Kira as secondary characters and look forward to their story next in KILLER SECRETS.

I couldn't agree more! I love these books!!! They're like crack, or chocolate... or chocolate crack!!

message 2: by Nissie (new)

Nissie Oooohhh, chocolate crack! That's a deadly combo if I ever heard one lol! Great review, Buggy. I really MUST get the rest of these!!

Buggy Mmmmm chocolate crack... thanks UMD.
Nessie-- get reading girl

message 4: by Nissie (new)

Nissie You got it :)!

message 5: by Dee (new) - rated it 5 stars

Dee Nice review Buggy! ☺

Buggy Thanks so much Dee:)

message 7: by Jennifer (new) - added it

Jennifer Lane She doesn't have an editor? *gasps* Are these self-published? If so, she's doing great because her name and books are really out there.

message 8: by Jennifer (new) - added it

Jennifer Lane (I mean in the public eye, not far out). ;-)

Buggy No, they're not self published thats the crazy thing. I actually read this entire series in PB too. Its very frustrating as a reader I always feel kind of cheated reading her books, like she couldn't bother to publish or finish it correctly.

Alex is The Romance Fox I find this series - hit and miss....some are hot and others very average

Buggy I agree with you there Alex. My favorite was Wild Card

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