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Carry on, Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse
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Jan 09, 2010

really liked it
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4.5 stars. Really, really witty and fun and funny, and just generally delightful--I'm sure to read the actual book is great, but if you're so inclined, this is an excellent choice for audiobook. I'm so not a short story person, so I always avoided these even those everyone seems to love them and they're always getting recommended to be on account of my whoreishness for this type of upper-crusty old-timey British fancyness--but for some reason on audio, they worked perfectly for me. My version is read by Martin Jarvis, who is incredible--he does the most perfect and distinct voices for every single character that I was looking at the box to make sure it wasn't a full cast--and it's accented by this jazzy 20s music that makes you to want to grab a cocktail shaker. This is definitely one of the best audio productions I've ever heard, rivaled only possibly by Jim Dale's Harry Potter. All the stories are basically the same--good-natured, idiotic aristocrat Wooster gets in a jam himself, or else one of his dumb friends does, and his "man" Jeeves, dispassionate, droll, and very clever, has to fix it--repetetive, yes, but it works. Maybe what I liked so much was that it indulged the desire, of which I'm vaguely ashamed, to read stories about rich folk in the glamourous, pre-World War 2, servant-having olden days--politically, I don't like this about myself; shouldn't I be just as interested in stories of regular people in non-fashionable circumstances? Am I so shallow that I need porny descriptions of pretty houses and dresses and art and travel??--while at the same time making the rich guy a moronic example of useless idle aristocracy, and the working class man the capable savior. Hereby indulging my populist sympathies...everybody wins.
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Kelly Hmm. I've just been getting into the Heresy of the Audiobook lately with the Sherlock Holmes stories. This sounds like it might be a good follow up when I'm done with those... Audiobooks do seem like an ideal medium for short stories.

Sarah I'd been thinking of trying some Sherlock Holmes on audio myself. Though I've never liked reading short stories before, like, AT ALL, I am starting to think I might be really into them on audio. My attention can sometimes wander while listening, so the brevity and relative lack of plot intricacy would seem to be a plus. At any rate, this particular collection is fabulously fun and well-done.

message 3: by Kelly (last edited Feb 16, 2010 12:29PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kelly Ya, I've read this collection in text form- thinking it might bring even more life to it in audio.

You should try Sherlock! The version I'm listening to is a fabulous BBC Radio 4 set of all the short stories. Really well done from the voices to the atmospheric effects. It was done between 1989-1998 with Clive Merrison as Holmes and Michael Williams as Watson.

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