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Not since Peyton Place has a writer so enthusiastically stripped the lace covers from small-town life to show the maggots of greed, lust, snobbery, and ambition squirming beneath—only Grace Metalious didn’t have Jo Rowling’s wicked sense of humor. The village of Pagford may be British, but the human foibles there are universal. Like the best social comedies, The Casual Vacancy features wit on top and outrage simmering below.
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Connie VonSleichter I agree with Mr. King. This is a fabulous piece of writing. At least I think he was liking it!

Tessy Completely agree.

message 3: by Diane (new)

Diane Always wanted to read "Peyton Place", guess I'll
read "The Casual Vacancy" instead.

Mandy Andersonn I loved the writing in this novel. Very well done.

Jackie Sonnenberg Read this one, there's no Hogwarts of course :-P It's actually a very political story, and I found myself thinking the only likeable characters were the kids!

message 6: by Annabel (new) - added it

Annabel I tried reading this and gave up... I will give it another try

eileen l gaudette-crowe I couldn't get through this one. Maybe I'm unconciously expecting Harry Potter and Hogwarts between its pages...

Jackie Sonnenberg It is not an easy story to get through, I finished it to see if it went anywhere.

eileen l gaudette-crowe Maybe I'll give it another try... next summer or something!

message 10: by Annabel (new) - added it

Annabel Did it Jackie?

message 11: by Victoria (new)

Victoria I heard it was really good. I will have to put this on my list of to-read.

Jackie Sonnenberg Annabel wrote: "Did it Jackie?"

Nothing earth-shattering exciting, but it was interesting to see how the political dynamics played out.

shawna Russell-Lowther Interesting to go from one strong genre to another, I must read this.

message 14: by Ben (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ben Fleck loved it!

message 15: by Judi (new) - rated it 4 stars

Judi Me too. A story that I thought of long after I finished the book.

message 16: by Kelli Harrison (new)

Kelli Harrison Definitely not Harry Potter. It took me a little while to get into it too, maybe because I wanted a story like that. But very thought provoking book. I felt for the characters and was ultimately very surprised with the ending. Rowling is an incredible author!!!

Jackie Sonnenberg Personally I hated all the adults. They all bothered me. I found myself rooting for the kids...even the underprivileged ones.

Jackie Sonnenberg Personally I hated all the adults. They all bothered me. I found myself rooting for the kids...even the underprivileged ones.

Jackie Sonnenberg Personally I hated all the adults. They all bothered me. I found myself rooting for the kids...even/especially the underprivileged ones.

message 20: by Rita (new)

Rita Bryant Just couldn't do it....kept wanting more Harry Potter.

Kathy I really liked it maybe because it was so different from Harry Potter!

Albert I really enjoy the book.

message 23: by robert camp (new) - added it

robert camp JK Rowling inspired me(girl:11)to write.Though it was her, and a book called "Angel's are for real".

message 24: by Lora Baker (new)

Lora Baker Tried it and was very bored!

message 25: by Sara (new) - rated it 3 stars

Sara Mc I felt like a fly on the wall reading this book. Its almost like a really good gossip book.

Jessica Howells I hated the characters...they were so damned human. The only truly decent person was Barry. But this book stayed with me, and I've thought about it often since I finished it. May revise my review to 5 stars.

Angela Yes, this.

Rachel Beals I completely agree! This book was amazing.

Baiti Badarudin True about the well-developed young adult characters.
It was like a group coming-of-age of the lives (and death) of Krystal, Sukhdev, Gaia, Andrew and Stuart.
Tragic yet pregnant with hope.

message 30: by Jo (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jo Young Switzer Terrific review. Short. Blunt. Spot on.

Jen from Quebec :0) Thanks for saying what *I'VE* been trying to tell people about this book!!

Amanda I loved the book. Read it in three days, because I couldn't put it down!

Denise I just love that he worked the word "foibles" into his review.

message 34: by Dexter (new)

Dexter Birkenbeuel A great book.

message 35: by Kim (new) - rated it 3 stars

Kim Denney A true Tragedy with a focus on the consequences of self-centeredness.

message 36: by Lisa (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lisa Well, there it is... a perfect review. No need for the rest of us mortals to embellish any further.

Noemi Hangyal I was literally blown away by this book... I just love her wittiness...

message 38: by Richard (new)

Richard There's a lot of novels of the realism type in the library starting with Emile Zola. There's Erskine Caldwell's Tobacco Road and Nelson Ajgren's A Walk on the Wild Side, and a whole lot more.

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