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"Yeeks!" by Helen Greco
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message 1: by Trunatrschild (new)

Trunatrschild Ha! Good luck! Hormones make me swell, so I do over the counter progesterone cream in TEENIE amounts, because they make you into an eating monster.... trying to balance the moodswings and the hotflashes with the side affects of the hormones.
Just enough to dull the homicidal rages. :)
What is a MAN writing about this for??????

message 2: by Gaijinmama (new) - added it

Gaijinmama The actual author on the cover is a female M.D. Not sure why goodreads lists the illustrator as author.
I am only 42 but have had symptoms of perimenopause for the past two years. What truly sucks is that this can go on for another effin' decade before the actual Change hits!! AAAAAAAAAARGH! I had no idea.
I'm looking into Black Cohosh and other herbal stuff, and reading everything I can get my hands on.

message 3: by Trunatrschild (new)

Trunatrschild I started when I was 40, and am 46 and it's still going! The last time I tried Black Cohosh, I had a headache... I wasn't sure if it was from the B.C. or not... maybe I should try it again.

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