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Sacrifice by Stacey Rourke
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When we start off Book 3 of the Gryphon series, we find Celeste is happily in love with Caleb, the half-demon who helped save her and her family form the demon Countess in Book 2. Caleb's been infected with Titan blood to help his demonic transformation, and that becomes a problem when The countess now send every Titan into battle with humanity.

See, if the titan whose blood was used to create Caleb is killed, he will die. The only way to save Caleb is to remove his demonic nature and erase all trace of his memory--yet Celeste holds on. She loves Caleb terribly and wants to keep him at her side. When the Titans arrive and hurt her brother, Gabe (who morphs into a protector lion to fight) Celeste knows she must sacrifice her love for Gabe in order to keep him and her family from harm. This is even harder to do when Caleb proposes marriage...but Celeste is stalwart--she makes the right choice even though it means losing Caleb forever.

In dealing with that pain, Celeste seeks out Rowan, another half-demon, and a tentative friend, who can alter her mood by skin-on-skin contact. She takes to spending lots and lots of time with Rowan, all platonic as she's desperately heart-broken, and never realizes that his feelings are, perhaps, more than friendly. To me, I think she knew--she simply didn't want to "go there".

In the meantime, her brother Gabe is planning to marry Alaina--their former spirit guide. And of course everything gets messed up. They nearly call the wedding off when the dress shop is trashed and the wedding hall explodes due to the Countess's unrelenting war on Celeste. The Countess wants to kill Celeste in order to call forth the Gryphon--her archenemy--into battle. And, because the Countess is a demon, she's cool with killing all Celeste's family and firends first. You know, to add to the suffering.

Rowan comes to the rescue--for the wedding anyway. And the mixing of the human and otherworldly guests leads to some fun times. Oh, and suddenly there's something demonic about Celeste's sister Kendall. Which leads to the first close-to-Celeste fatality. We get a three pronged standoff between Celeste's warriors, the Countess's army and a newly sprung demonic horde under the control of Barnabus/Alec from Book 1 which is at the boil over stage.

Ever the pirate, Rowan is hurt by Celeste's rebuffs. And this leads to the climactic scene wherein Celeste nearly bites it. Again. I swear this gal is constantly in peril. One of the perks of being a conduit. But, she has some new friends to help and the day is saved.

This third book in the series is really a great showcase. So many intertwining plot lines have developed. It's kinda sad about Rowan. I never suspected Celeste would really fall for him, but it's still sad to see the effort he makes to meet her more than halfway--and then be refused. This book is light on the romance, as a result, which is fine because the battles have really lit up the pages, and we don't have too much time for pining over Caleb. It's an innocent read, suitable for YA readers of all flavors. The urban fantasy/paranormal elements are great, but this book really needs to be read after book 2, in my opinion. Too much history to catch up with to jump in here...

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