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Fire by Kristin Cashore
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Jan 06, 2010

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Not quite as good as Graceling, mainly because I didn't really like the main character. In fact, I found her kind of boring and I certainly didn't agree with a couple of decisions she made or how she reached them. That said, this book would obviously appeal to people with the main character's mind set, and I'm sure there are some out there. (Though how many pretty girls you know with the power of mind control disdain their beauty or their power? There weren't many in my high school, that's for sure.)

That aside, the book is still interesting because Cashore has a feel for character development that lets the side characters be as interesting (if not more so) than her protagonist. If I had my druthers, I would leave the battles and war out of it and focus on the home front. Cashore balances this well enough for me that I'm not thoroughly tired of swords by the end, though its a close call. Still, as a second novel it doesn't completely disappoint, which I've seen happen to a number of other authors who seem to think polish is optional now that they're published (or maybe their editors do, I'm not sure).

Probably the best part about this novel are the Monsters. I don't know if you ever played "pretend." The version I played usually involved about 75% talking about what kind of magical creature you were and all of your special powers, abilities, and appearance and 25% running around. This book reminds me of that with its constant descriptions of the color of the Monsters and their ability to influence other creatures, while the characters run around trying to avoid them.
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