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The Given Day by Dennis Lehane
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Jan 05, 2010

really liked it

Let's just get this out there: I LOVE the way Dennis Lehane writes. It's crisp and clean and it envolpes you so much you can nearly feel the atmosphere around you. The sights, sounds, smells, tastes and aura of post WWI Boston (which trust me as a born and raised Bostonian, those sights, sounds smells and tastes of that period are still INFINITELY better than the ones after a series loss to the Yankees. I digress.)

I mean of course I'm a snooty biased bitch that believes, err KNOWS that Boston is the greatest city in the world, but the way Lehane writes new England in his books is the closest to perfection that I've ever seen. That we're a tough, arrogant, intense breed, but a fiercely loyal and driven one. Hell, just look at our rabid additction & loyalty to our sports teams. And a love for a city that's home to a brutal winter and attitudes. Yet so full of culture, history and life. Boston is so distinct is that I merely need to explain to people that I'm from there and they understand the type of person they're dealing with here. We aren't called Massholes for nothing cupcake.

Yes, Dennis Lehane is coming closer and closer to my gold star status of writers & musicians that could poop in a bag and I'd buy it. Keep it coming Lehane, I'm in your cornah kid and I think your wicked awesome. And of course, as soon as I give people that status, they nearly literally poop in a bag for their next book or album. Please just leave that flaming pile on my porch with the rest of them.

Overall this is a great novel about three lives that intertwine in a tumultous time (if you don't know about the status of the country post WWII... then you need to possibly read more than InStyle and People Magazine. One person is a Boston police officer with a long family linage in the BPD, one a black man from Ohio and the other is none other than babe Ruth. Not interested yet? Back to your People Magazine then. Maybe a Cosmo if you're looking for something really spicy.

The plot is honestly a facinating account of the events around the Boston Police strike of 1919. And the choices men had to make to get a fair shake in life. While it put the city into a bind of riots and mayhem (which, still happens after Red Sox, Patriots & Celtics there's THAT) they also had the right to fight for better working conditions and hours, and money to take care of their families.

All of this happening in a time when racism was at one of it's peaks within society as well. The crash collision that these lives takes is uplifting and crushing at the same time when shown at different points the choices each had to make to either better their lives or better others. Reading this is like what 'The Real World' might be if it actually showed realistic insight into people's everyday lives and social interaction. And surely some drunk bitch will be slapped along the way...

After Shutter Island and Mystic River? You can expect this bad boy in film soon enough. I'd rock it literary style first though.
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