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Breathless by Dean Koontz
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Again a book I must move to the top of my to read list and right over to my currently reading list. Why? It's a library book and people have it on hold. I can't lay it aside and read several books ahead of it.

Well, first let me discuss Koontz and his work a moment. My wife was the "horror" fan and it was through her that I tried my first Koontz book some years ago. It was probably Watchers, but I'm not completely sure. There is quite a bit of discussion lately about the "new" Koontz. As it happens I like the "new" Koontz a lot as a rule. I read several of his books over the years and some I found to be very "good reads". There were others that left me cold. I thought a lot of them seemed to read like outlines for screen plays or something while others were good almost in the extreme.

In the last few years Mr. Koontz has written some books that for me would go on my "favorite books" list. One Door Away From Heaven, By the Light of the Moon, The Taking, I like all of these immensely.

Unfortunately in the last 3 books I've read by Mr. Koontz he seems to have been ambivalent about the actual story or plot. This one is not as bad as I found Your Heart Belongs to Me, or The Darkest Evening of the Year, but the flaws here are slightly different.

Mr. Koontz seems to have developed a longing (and within that a vision) for a better world, one where the flaws and evil we live with....and perpetrate, have been removed. He being a dog and animal lover has in a couple of books seen the innocence and unconditional love of dogs (and to a lessor extent other animals) as a path or conduit to "that" (possibly God's but I don't want to put words in his mouth or pen) love. We have that here in this book along with the idiocy of humans which always seems to want to damage or destroy that.

That part of the book is okay, not as well done as some of his books, but not bad. The problem comes in the construction and plotting of the book. The plot, and for that matter the characters are disjointed and just don't hang together. It seemed as if a lot of the characters from some of Koontz's other books decided to get together and "do a book". We had the "psychopathic/sociopathic deteriorating evil villain who considers himself a superior and intellectual individual, the single female (in this case a veterinarian) who is lonely but not admitting/aware of it, The single man who lives alone with his dog who is strong and reliable, you get the idea. There are also familiar supporting characters.

The problem is that the book while relating "what they see and what goes on, never really jells into an actual story. So as much as I'd like to rate the book higher I go with a 3 star rating and it only just got that.

On the flip side I'm not giving up on Dean Koontz, and I hope I'll like the next one better.
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