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On My Knees by Meredith Wild
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it was amazing

I am going to say two things right now about this review: it will be long in its praises, and will not do this phenomenal book as much justice as it deserves. (I am being honest. My words just aren't as good.)

Are you ready to hit the ground running? Lace up your shoes and be prepared to run, because once you start this book, you won't be able to put it down until the very last page. It's going to suck you in, but you will be oh so glad it did. I had the incredible opportunity to read On My Knees before it was released. Having read Meredith Wild's other books, I figured I would pretty much love this one too. Not so shocking: my prediction was spot on. (If you haven't read her other books, go one-click those bad boys as soon as you finish reading this book and review! Do it, because it's so worth your while.)

I won't reveal anything major plot wise, but I will give you a little something to entice you about On My Knees, Maya and Cameron, and their story. It's hard to put everything I felt while reading this story into this review (especially without revealing everything....)but this is just a taste of the things I felt while reading this phenomenal book. It was visceral, it was extremely vulnerable and raw at many times, it had moments that will break your heart and put you back together all in the same breath, and it was magnificently sweet in the way all us lovers of love stories will just simply love. (Can you tell I like the word love?)

On My Knees is told in dual perspectives of the main characters Maya and Cameron, which sets this story up beautifully. (I am totally team dual perspective!) It also opens with a prologue that will have you engaged and ready to devour the book from the first page. It doesn't take long to get right to the good stuff, too. You will feel Maya and Cameron right from the very beginning, and you won't stop feeling until your done.

On My Knees follows Maya and Cameron as they are thrust back together because of a chance encounter on a busy New York City street. You see, these two have a past, and neither of these deliciously dynamic characters have dealt with that past. Like at all. In the beginning of the book a choice is made, and both Cameron and Maya are still presently reeling from the repercussions of that choice. Those repercussions effect each of them differently, but effect them they do. The reasons for that choice are thoughtfully explained and presented over the course of the story, as Maya and Cameron are presented with another chance. When these two characters find themselves face to face for the first time, they can't help but be drawn to one other again. There are so many desires/thoughts/questions/answers/profanities left unsaid between them, and despite all of the hurt and pain these two share and feel whole heartedly throughout the book, they just can't stay away from one another.

This book is full of gut wrenching ups and downs that will leave you breathless, laughing, smiling like a fool, melting into puddles of emotion, fanning yourself repeatedly, and its just remarkable. It also has some pretty interesting twists and turns that keep the story moving at a pace you will just adore.

I do not have the right words to properly describe Maya and Cameron to you, but I am going to try my darn best to attempt this with these magnificently dynamic and wholly authentic characters. Both of these characters have their "flaws" that makes them them. These "flaws" just work, and make these characters relatable and easy to read, and you will whole heartedly feel for them when you step into their minds. They also have a spark that flies off the page in spades. It's almost tangible at times, and you will feel their connection to one another as if it were you yourself feeling those things. How that connection changes/evolves/grows over the story also makes for something pretty darn lovely.

Maya has chutzpah. That's my favorite way to describe her, because she just is who she is and rocks it. She is unapologetic in a lot of ways, completely owns that, and even though sometimes I wanted to shake her because she was being difficult, I simply adored her character. I also felt for her character from beginning to end, and I thought her development over the course of the book was SPECTACULAR. It also felt extremely well-paced, never too fast or too slow. Just right. Maya’s vulnerability and how she feels comes across beautifully, and it’s easy to understand why she feels, thinks, and acts the way she does. Maya also has a past that gets revealed over the course of the story, and I felt that these revelations came across wonderfully, and helped really explaine why the chips fell the way they did.

Cameron was just a good fucking guy. He is honest from the get go, and he is not afraid to put it all out there. He also puts his vulnerability on display, and I liked that he was just willing to go there. He recognized his mistakes and he owned them, which took a lot in my opinion. He knew when he fucked up, and boy did he try to make up for the choices and actions he made. (Basically he's a good character inside and out!) Cameron is also possessive of Maya in a way that is endearing, yet doesn’t make you want to call the cops. It was balanced well, and it fit his character exponentially. He was determined, he never gave up, and his feelings are his. He's also really good looking, so there's that too.

Not to be outdone, this book has some "supporting" characters that will blow you out of the water. At times they add the humor that you didn't even know you needed, the drama you love, and the clarity our two main love birds kind of lack when they're busy with their heads up their butts. (In Maya and Cameron's defense, they have a lot of baggage within their past and present, so its easy to see how they could get caught up in it.)Each of these additional characters add their own flavor to the story that fits seamlessly in with what is happening with Maya and Cameron. I definitely have my favorites within this cast of characters (cough cough Eli), and I am hoping more is to come with them. Fingers crossed.

On My Knees follows Maya and Cameron and their scorching off the page chemistry, as they try to figure out what is what between them. They are drawn to one another for a lot of reasons. This story follows them as they try to find, build, and cross the bridge from where they were to where they actually want to be. Their journey is wholly theirs, and makes for an extremely engaging story that will have you in tears one moment, breathless from the visceral moments so eloquently written in the next, smiling like a fool in others, fanning yourself from the connection you feel between them, and in the end you will just feel balanced. Maybe that's not the most interesting word to choose, but that's what I thought at the end of reading On My Knees. It's just balanced, and it works. It's got it all! Every aspect of this book comes together to make a fantastically developed story that you're just going to love.

Suffice to say: You. Are. Going. To. Love. This. Book.

So just do yourself a god damned favor, and buy it now.
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Meredith Wild
“You’re what I want. You’re everything to me. The good, the bad, and every moment in between. Everything we’ve been through has made us who we are, and I wouldn’t change a minute of it because I love you so much right now it hurts.”
Meredith Wild, On My Knees

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