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Gridlinked by Neal Asher
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Apr 22, 2007

it was ok
Recommended for: fans of cyberpunk and hard sf

There was a lot I liked about this book -- the author's worldbuilding of an ultra high-tech interstellar society where planets are connected by transporters called "runcibles" was really interesting and impressive. My big problem was that the main character was utterly flat. I didn't find him sympathetic or relate-able in any way. In the beginning of the story we find out that he's been connected to the Grid for too long and is beginning to lose his humanity, so he must be disconnected and do without it, just before being sent on a dangerous mission. I thought that this "not being connected to the grid anymore" thing would be a major struggle for him but it just didn't seem to matter that much. The villain was also very flat and one-dimensional. He seemed to pretty much do bad things because that was the way he was. If the characters had been deeper and had real motivations and all that good stuff, this could have been fantastic, but as it was, it just left me cold.

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