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Guilty Pleasure by Lora Leigh
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Jan 04, 2010

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After a overall disappointing crop of books from Lora Leigh in 2009, I approached Guilty Pleasure with some trepidation. At the risk of setting the bar too low, I am pleased to report that this book shows much better editing than the fiasco of Heat Seeker and its "Who the HECK is Jules?!?!" scene where a secondary character suddenly sported a different name. I did find some smaller errors, such as a physical feature changing or describing someone was FBI when they were CIA. But nothing on the level of LL's rushed writing and what seemed to be a complete lack of editing last year.

So, no glaring errors. Great. The story was familiar to previous entries in this series with an Alpha hero tortured by his past and to a lesser extent by his "dark" desire for menage. Then we have the heroine in danger, though Marty could take pretty good care of herself as a FBI agent. I liked that Khalid supported her career choices though he didn't like the risks involved.

The plot really doesn't make the most sense. Why would Marty be assigned to spend two entire years investigating Khalid to the apparent exclusion of any other cases? Why would Khalid enter into an affair with Marty after avoiding one for 9 years because he knows this will put her at grave risk from his enemies? Wouldn't it make more sense to finally take care of the enemies then go have fun with Marty? And of course, the ultra secret "club" that for centuries has hidden the secret of men who live a menage lifestyle, always strikes me as next to impossible in this day and age.

But I don't imagine most of us read Lora Leigh for the realism, so you either kinda "go" with the world and plot she offers, or you probably don't enjoy her very much. This story offers us Middle East terrorists who have a special vendetta against Khalid.

I liked the main characters. Khalid and Marty were well suited to each other in their strengths and respect for each other (their intense desire is a given). Shayne, the "Third" in the relationship, was more sketchily drawn. You got a better sense of Marty's interferring fathers than you did of the man who was supposed to be Khalid's and Marty's friend, colleague and periodic partner in bed.

The ending was very well done and ripped by in LL fashion of old. I wish she had an epilogue so you could see Khalid and Marty settling into their life together, and what was Shayne's involvement with them and what about Marty's nasty ex- bos at the FBI? Was he involved in any way with the terrorist plot? Still the immediate crises were resolved and it wasn't a terribly abrupt ending. I just would have liked some additional pages to wrap things up a bit more. Considering the Bound Hearts series is not my favorite, I enjoyed Guilty Pleasure especially the last 10% or so when the action really took off.

So, fingers crossed, maybe 2010 will be a much better year for Lora Leigh and her fans.
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message 1: by MelissaB (new)

MelissaB Nice review Willow! I am so behind on this series.

I hope LL gets back to her former abilites this year too, although I don't know if I can ever forgive what she did to Cabal.

Kris H. I caught that "Jules..." thing too. I thought I just zoned out somewhere.

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