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Ya Yas in Bloom by Rebecca Wells
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Jan 04, 2010

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Last night I finally finished Barbara Kingsolver’s The Poisonwood Bible and though I consider it a good thing to have read, it was not entirely my style. I am not in a heavy mood right now and the story of a missionaries family torn apart by themselves and the jungle in the Congo is not necessarily what I wanted to read.
But read it I did and so now I will let you know about it. 4 daughters and two parents head to the inner jungle to “convert the heathen.” I had mixed reactions to this sort of behavior before reading this book and now I really don’t think I like it. I mean Christian charity is nice, but wouldn’t just charity be fine alone and then if someone asks why it is being done explain it. I guess this is how the Catholics have been working it for the last few decades (though they have had centuries to see how thwacking people over the head for not being Catholic didn’t help their cause.) This family, and really by this I mean the father, is Baptist and really just goes to “bring the salvation of Christ’s love” to the poor stupid Africans. I suppose the fact that it is a white family from Georgia in the 50’s doesn’t help. Segregation was still roaring and the girls had never had the chance to learn that blacks speaking English were “just like them” so when confronted with those who spoke and dressed and ate differently they had no way of relating to them as equals.
It was interesting to see how the different family members evolved in their appreciation, and that alone would have made a good story, but this story also had a political message. It pushed this families plight into relief against what may be one of the worst political maneuvers of the United States. America was raping the land of it’s minerals and paying for dictators to keep the oppression going. This story which follows this family for 3/4 of the novel taking it’s time for their first year then jumps in to the politics of what is going on and railroads us through the next 30 years. Yes it is good to see how the characters evolved beyond where the story ends, but again the political landscape clouds the story.

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Courtney Hlebo This review is about "Poisonwood Bible" not "Ya Yas in Bloom"...

message 2: by Jo (new)

Jo Blackburn Glad you noticed that too Courtney, thought I had skipped a page by mistake!

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