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A Touch of Dead by Charlaine Harris
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Charlaine Harris' A Touch of Dead is a collection of all the short stories from the world of Sookie Stackhouse. Contained within this slim volume are "Fairy Dust:" in which Sookie must use her telepathic ability to help fairies Claude and Claudette to find their sister's murderer, "One Word Answer:" Sookie finds out her cousin has been killed, "Dracula Night:" Sookie helps Eric celebrate the birthday of Dracula, "Lucky:" Sookie helps solve a mystery for a real estate agent, and "Giftwrap:" Sookie has a very eventful Christmas.

Generally, I don't enjoy the short stories that authors write to supplement their series. Unfortunately this was the case with the Sookie stories as well. I didn't feel that the stories really added to the Sookie-verse, and I mostly just wanted more. The characters that were introduced could have easily been worked into the regular books, and with the possible exception of "Dracula Night," I wasn't entertained by the plots.

A Touch of Dead is just that - a touch, and a light one at that. The stories are short, the margins are enormous, and the print is massive. If you are a dyed-in-the-wool Sookie fan, this book is for you. I suggest however, that you get it from the library rather than spending money on it.

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Elizabeth (Miss Eliza) I totally agree with you. Dracula Night is funny and One Word Answer is important to bridge the gap between books 5 and 6, but other than that they add nothing, and they didn't even include the other Sookie verse stories, the ones without Sookie... of course that could be because they are really bad, but it would have at least "bulked up" the book.

Susan I know, Elizabeth! And I feel bad for writing such a negative review but A Touch of Dead really was a disappointment for me. It might have been better with more stories, but as it is, it just wasn't worth my time.

Elizabeth (Miss Eliza) Yeah, I just stick with the main books now.

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