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Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce
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really liked it
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I loved this book! It had heaps of problems! But who cares? I loved it!

After my sister threatened my life if I didn't read it (funny how that works, eh? Considering it's about sisters....) I finally borrowed it from the library. I read it in a day. I was totally engrossed with the characters and world, but utterly bored with the plot.

Characters? The sisters are Scarlett and Rosie. They're a mash up of Little Red Riding Hood -- but two instead of one (which I think is absolutely wonderful). I LOVE sister stories! This maybe because I have a sister, so therefore I know when the relationship is written right. In SISTERS RED, it's perfect. They simultaneously love each other and want to claw each other's eyes out. THAT is true sisterhood. Being a big sister myself, I really connected with Scarlett. She was so protective! She scarified everything (nearly her life) for her little sister. And she never regrets it. Awww, I'm hit in the feels.


But let's not forget Silas! He is the old childhood friend who went away for a few years and is BACK. He's sweet and kind and a bit bashful. I knew someone was going to fall in love with him (me or the characters, it was only a matter of time). I was VERY worried, though, that it'd turn into a bag of mushy love triangles. I didn't want a boy to tear the sisters apart. The possibility freaked me out! I mean, the sisters' relationships was already rock...and then Silas, the dang little hot dude. But I liked how the romance played out. It felt natural and right, even though it tore at the feels! This is most emphatically NOT your average love-triangle. I barely even consider it a triangle.

The world is fantastic! I love the mix of the fantastical with modern. I love how, in the prologue, The Price is Right TV show is playing while the wolf attacks. They're killing werewolves, but it's not all medieval. Loooove.

The fairy tale twists felt really original and clever. Turning wolves into werewolves has been done a billion times, but I loved making the sisters tough and hunters. The woodcutters are dang awesome...I love how Silas' family lived in a really small house, and if you wanted your own room: you built it. Seriously cool. Plus the seductive red cloaks? And luring werewolves to their deaths? And the grandma? LOVE EVERYTHING.

My only problem with the book was the plot. In a word? Boring. I'm sorry! It's just how I feel, though, okay? So you might feel totally different. By page 100 I'd predicted the massive plot twist. (It's a 340-page book.) That annoyed me. I wanted SOME surprises. At least, at the end, I wasn't 100% how they'd get out of their mess. That kept me interested. But I figured everything else out, so frankly I was bored.

This is fairy tale rewriting done RIGHT.

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Jackson Pearce
“I am confident, I am capable, and I will not wait to be rescued by a woodsman or a hunter.”
Jackson Pearce, Sisters Red

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Mary I'm glad I'm not the only one who was bored with the plot! I also predicted the plot twist early on :P Other than that I liked it a lot! I thought of you and Mime, while reading it! The sisters' relationship reminded me of yours :D

C.G. Drews Haha! That's kind of awesome. x) They definitely absolutely reminded me of us too. Except perhaps reverse order. I'm more like Rosie. XD

Mary Yeah, Rosie was my fave and easier for me to relate to, but I liked both sisters and the relationship they had. The older/younger sister arguing thing reminded me of you guys :D Wait, reverse order?...does that mean Mime's missing an eye?! ;)

I'm SO glad it did not turn into a love triangle! I was quite worried at that one specific part (you know what I'm talking about). I set the book down rather forcefully at that point and was like "YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME." Rosie and Silas all the way!

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