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Price of Passion by Susan Napier
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Jan 02, 2010

it was ok
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Read on December 15, 2010

** spoiler alert ** I read this book in what amounts to a single sitting, on the flights home from NYC, because I could not find The Hunger Games in print in any of the airport bookstores. (The second two in the series, yes, but not the first one.) Never mind, though; I saved some bucks and got through another ebook. And I never have to read it again.

This book features one of my hated romance tropes: the Secret Baby. But this turns out to be the best kind of secret baby; it's still in the womb. And, actually [spoiler here], it turns out to be nonexistent anyway. The heroine's pregnancy is hysterical, and so is some of the writing. I offer for your consideration such nuggets as these, all from the first chapter:

"She kept her voice steady, confident that she looked a lot more composed than she felt. Although she was only a little taller than average, the willowy curves, elegant bone structure and haughty facial features that Kate had inherited from her undemonstrative mother helped project an air of cool sophistication and graceful poise, regardless of her inner turmoil."

Kate has just come face to face with the hero, who is not at all pleased to see her. So naturally this paragraph is followed by two more, musing on the undemonstrative nature of Kate's mama and the effect that had on their relationship. *snort*

When Kate is alone in her rented house again, the author walks us through the process of making a cup of tea, including "she discarded the sodden tea bag in the sink and added a splash of milk". The tea would probably have been better if she'd put the milk in her cup.

Either the writing improves after the first chapter, or I became inured to it, because my annotations peter out shortly thereafter, when Kate pulls the pins out of her chignon (yes, really, a chignon) and "let her hair flow like warm caramel through her fingers".

To the characters and the story, though. Okay, let me think how to phrase this to express my feelings fully.


It was only OK. There wasn't much about the story that will stick with me beyond the next book I read, I'm sure. There's a scruffy but charming dog, and a tiny kitten whose name is Russian for 'cat' (but I've forgotten what that word is). There's a veterinarian and a has-been rock star who make cameo appearances. There's not really much keeping the two protags apart, other than the mistaken belief each holds that the other doesn't want anything permanent with them, and it got slightly annoying after a while that the Big Misunderstanding could continue so long in the face of significant attraction and increasing levels of honesty and intimacy between the two of them. Even the potential romantic rival for the hero's affections turned out to be completely the opposite before she could really create any trouble.

I totally skipped over the sex. It was also only OK. I mean, the protags seemed to enjoy it, but it wasn't that well written.

The book is set in New Zealand, so I learned a couple of new words from this one: 'fossicked', which I take to mean "dug around; searched"; and 'pottle', which is the kind of container that yogurt comes in, in NZ. Not sure I'll remember either of those the next time I need them, either.
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