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As Serious as the Grave by Kiernan Kelly
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Jan 01, 2010

really liked it
bookshelves: m-m, mutants-other-creatures
Read in December, 2009

This could be subtitled “A Zombie Love Story”. Honest to god. Seems 5 years ago when a comet went buy dead people started coming back to life. Not all but some. At first people went nuts and started rekilling them but then an act of Congress was passed to protect the rights of the “Living Challenged”. Luckily for Tyler he’d only been dead a couple of hours from encephalitis but people who were dead longer are in pretty rough shape “Will had a bad case of the grunge, having been dead for at least three months before reawakening. Poor guy couldn’t get a date if his life depended on it—pun fully intended. Women tended to shy away from men with less skin on their bones than the Heart Healthy Chicken Platter at Denny’s.” Seems people who hate the “reanimated” are called necrophobic. Tyler’s straight best friend David insists they go to a gay bar and that he needs to hook up. He decides to go for it but when the potential date finds out he has no heartbeat the guy turns nasty and Tyler gets so angry he hits him. David is drunk by this time but drags him out and back to his place. Tyler nearly kisses a what he thinks is passed out David who wakes up. Tyler freaks but the next morning David confesses that he’s been in love with Tyler and wants to be with him. Meanwhile a politician is stirring up hate and a mob has killed poor Will. There was also a threat at work against Tyler and he is attacked at David’s house. Eventually Tyler and David decide to pack up and head off into the wilds because the anti-zombie sentiment is growing. This was really very funny “Are you fixing to kiss me, or eat my brain?” but on the other hand it is a bit of a moral story about accepting others. In this case they are the reanimated but it could be the Jews, gays, blacks, Japanese during the war, any group that has been targeted because they are different. So I think she managed to use a lot of humour to tell a bit of a cautionary tale about hysteria and hatred and what can happen when things get stirred up. So while you are chuckling along, after you are done you kind of go “interesting perspective”. I really liked it.

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