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Destroy All Cars by Blake Nelson
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Dec 31, 2009

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I really enjoyed this book for all that it's worth. The main character is a very authentic character, the kind of people that live reclusively in vain of their society (he'll probably aspire to move to canada and relish and god-knows-what traditions they have that we don't...). Despite his lack of charm, he is a good character and you'll learn to sympathize for him.
The story was however, way too short. I enjoyed it, and it was a decent ride but it was an abridged version of what it could have been.

My love affair with this book comes from how literal the term, "Wow, that prick really needs to get laid." becomes in this book.
Thank you, Blake Nelson for that insight. If I ever become dry as a raisin, I'll take your advice Sir Blake; I'll get laid, and be happy as a clam.
You'll immediately sense a difference in the narrating tone after our protagonist, James, loose his virginity. It's actually quite funny, realistic, definitely, but funny to see someone so uptight, and "icky" flail at something as simple as sex...
Sorry, I digress....

SO the story (?) is casual and funny, and if your not environmentally conscious, he is your spruced up caffeinated cup of joe into the world of inevitable disaster. It's hard to argue with his ideas and logic. I like that in characters. And the more I think about it, he's much more like chai tea as opposed to coffee....

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