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Fade by Lisa McMann
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Dec 28, 2009

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Dreams, others dreams really, still plague Janie. At least now she has Cabel and a cool job as a NARC for the local police. Picking up shortly after where Wake ends, we see Janie and Cabel explore their relationship while getting a new assignment. This time Janie is in the lead trying to uncover a sexual predator at their school. She will also be used as bait, which Cabel has a hard time accepting. Though the predators get caught, it takes a toll on their relationship.

This is a super fast and easy read. I was able to read it one day and still be an attentive mom. I enjoyed the clean, concise writing. The story was interesting and kept my attention. I respect the relationship between Cabel and Janie. They both are very mature for their age, and care for each other in ways that they have never felt before. They are an enduring and sweet couple.

However, now I will pick it a part a bit…

What is the deal with Janie’s mom? Really, how did Janie ever survive infancy and childhood with a mom like that? Ugh, Cabel! I am just a bit peeved that he left Janie when she needed him the most. I also don’t buy the police giving her so much power in the case. That party was extremely dangerous, she should have been wire tapped. Good thing Janie is so smart even when she has been given a roofie (read sarcasm).

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