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Influence by Robert B. Cialdini
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Dec 28, 2009

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Six categories of weapons of influence. Each based on manipulation of social survival skill.

Seems like I read much of this in Psych 101 when we studied propaganda.

1. Reciprocation. First offer gift to create obligation. Then collect on obligation. Based on reciprocation of support.

2. Commitment and consistency. Based on social importance of keeping commitments and acting consistently. Get people to commit to seemingly innocuous agreement or action, and then lead them to desired commitment. Since actions define identity, get them to redefine their identity with small actions and then commit to following you blindly in order to be consistent. Buy-in.

3. Social proof. Conformity to norm. Herd mentality. Like canned laughter, claquers and shills. Copycats suicides and murders. Man in the street product recommendations.

4. Liking. Stimulated by physical attractiveness, similarity, complements and flattery, association with high status figures.

5. Authority. Blind obedience to appearance such as suit or uniform.

6. Scarcity. Competitive desire to get something in short supply or at time limited price.

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