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The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen
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Dec 27, 2009

really liked it
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Recommended to Adrienne by: Mahyar Alemipour
Read in January, 2010

I hadn't even heard of Sarah Dessen until I came across this book on my frend Mahyars read shelf. I noticed the 5 stars and as we share a liking for certain types of books thought I'd investigate this author further. It didn't take much persuading, 1st person POV, heavy on the emotion, I was definately up for it. And I wasn't disappointed! Oh no this book has to be one of my all time favourites. I'm not going to give a re-tell of the story because other reviewers have done that,but what I will do is try to tell you how this story made me feel......So here goes. Having lost a parent when I was about the same age as the heroine Macy I understand the emotions running through this story. I know how difficult it is for the remaining parent to try and be the person everyone knows and also grieve for their partner. To lose a partner is different to losing a parent. I also understand why Macy ended up with Jason (there is always a danger when we lose someone we love that the turmoil of our emotions attracts us to people who are in the long term not good for us (too safe or too wild or too contoling)) , and was so glad that he was out of the picture for most of the story. So when Macy decides to live dangerously and go to work for Wish I was overjoyed this was the next step for her, to escape the safe, and emotionally numb and sterile life that she had been living and start to find herself again.

I loved all of her new friends, Delia who plays opposite to her Mom, and Kristy who takes on the role of sibling /best freind, and best of all Wes who was emotionally far older than his years and balanced the emotionally retarded character of Jason. Whilst Monica and Bert have the role of younger siblings. So the guys from Wish become a kind of surrogate family (you notice the only father figure is Pete who never really plays an active part in story so is distant like Carolines (Macys sister) hubby. I think all of these things hilight the choices and decisions Macy had to face, in this, an improtant turning point in her life. I liked that an already emotive issue was not further complicated by sex, with Macy having to choose which path to take with regard to that. The only downside for me was, what would Macy have done had Caroline not told her mother about Wes (Wes and Macy form a close friendship and Macys mom disapproves to the point where she activly prevents Macy from seeing him) and his good character, had Macys mom continued to exert her control over Macy would Macy have been strong enough to disobey and go her own way? Having been under the emotional restrictions of a controlling parent I can say from my POV probably not, she would have got back with Jason and spent the rest of her life with an emotionally retarded man ruled by his ability to control people via a mindless set of lists. So thumbs up to Caroline, who orchestrated and manipulated her mother with no-one knowing, and in doing so set the wheels in motion for everyone to start the healing process and find themselves.

So, would I read anything by Sarah Dessen again? You bet!
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Mahyar I loved this one so much, I think you will love it too, It's really an awesome book <3

Adrienne This will be my first Sarah Dessen book. It has lots of 5 star ratings/reviews so I can't wait to start reading:) (I've reserved it from the library so I should have a copy within a few days)

message 3: by Shawna (new) - added it

Shawna Great review, Adrienne! This sounds like a very emotional, moving read. To the TBR list it goes.

Mahyar Whoa, I LOVE your review and thank you for mentioning me, I didn't know there's a "
recommended to by:" feature, you would've been on mine a million times if I knew about it.

Sarah Dessen's books are so much alike but still amazing, I loved "Along for the ride" too.

Adrienne Thank you Shawna it's a lovely story, alot of the things that happen stifle Macy but these are balanced when Macy makes up her own mind to step out of character and just go for it and live for the moment.

Adrienne Thanks Mahyar, without you I would never have read this. I've noted Lock and Key to be my next read but will add Along for the Ride too.

Mahyar When will you start reading "Lock and Key"? we could read it at the same time, It would be fun :P

Adrienne I've reserved a copy from my library but I don't know how long it will take to get to me (maybe a week) when it arrives I'll let you know,then we'll go for it:)

Mahyar Ok, I will get it too till then.

PS: That contest you just joined sounds like fun, how can I join it too?

Adrienne Not sure I had an invite, will have a look to see who sent it.

Adrienne OK if you join 'The Romance Readers Reading Challenges Group' you should be able to sign up.....I'll send you an invite.

Mahyar I think I just

Contests like this will make you to read books from different authors, I like it <3

message 13: by Rane (new)

Rane Great Review Adrienne!
I'll have to remember to buy a box os tissues along with the book ;_; sounds like a tear-jerker

Adrienne Thanks Rane, Most of the time this book concentrates on the choices Macy makes and we see her go from being worried about what Jason,other people may think/if she really should do that/ mentality to spontanious Oh ok I'll do it and live with the consequences,this is why I was glad her freinds were all nice people (even though they all had their own unique qualities)and not wild, it wouldn't have been right had Macy gotten herself into situations where she was having to make desicions about staying out after curfew, sex, drugs etc. her new friends just made her see how her life could be lived, rather than how it was. I could talk for ages about this book, I've read some of the other reviews and think a few of the kids who've read it miss the point entirely.

message 15: by Becca (new) - added it

Becca I loved this book! I thought the author did an amazing job building the characters so you felt like you really new them. I'm really into books with romance in it so I would say if that's not your thing you probably wouldn't like it. It's about a girl named Macy and she is very quiet and a try-hard, who wants everything in her life perfect. You see why she is the way she is and then how she meets a group of people who completely change her life. There is a male lead and they connect through a never-ending game of truth. Overall I thought the book was a perfect 10 and it is honestly my favorite book I've ever read! If you like romance this will be a insanely fast read, I promise!

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