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Lulu Meets God and Doubts Him by Danielle Ganek
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Oct 24, 2007

it was ok
Recommended for: No one
Read in April, 2008

This is another book that sounded like rocking fun, and turned out to be a waste of time. What kept me at it until the end was a suspicion that there was some subtle meta-layer of meaning that I was missing. For instance, at one point Mia, the first-person narrator, notes another character's grammatical error; but Mia's "own" writing is full of such errors. I thought at first that might be some kind of reflexive joke. If so, I never quite got it. I now believe that Ganek is simply an inept writer.

In addition, the big surprise at the end is foreshadowed so obviously and clumsily, and early, that the reader knows what's coming by the end of the first quarter. This might be forgivable except that nothing happens in between - almost all of the book is simply padding to make the number of pages between the set up and the revelation be book length. There's some wearisome byplay about Mia's aspirations and love life, but since Ganek couldn't be bothered to give us any reasons to care about any of the characters, it's just more padding.

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