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Experience and Education by John Dewey
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Dec 23, 2009

really liked it

With theory, it's all about definitions. Even in less than a 100 pages, Dewey finds a way to muddle some of his together which damages the clarity of his theories. And there are two egregious typos on the summary on the back of the book... where was the editor!!??

That being said, this is an excellent argument for experiential education that is bold and unflinching, and a wonderful distillation of many of Dewey's ideas. And covering as much ground as he does in less than a 100 pages is also a reminder to us all that brevity is the soul of wit and wisdom. So I'll stop talking.
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message 1: by Frank (new)

Frank Stein
Dewey destroyed our educational system.

Luckily this experiential nonsense is gradually being replaced with phonics and knowledge-based testing. Despite the best efforts of the Dewey- and Freire-infatuated teachers colleges, every major school system in the country is gradually leaving experiential education behind.

At least that's my humble opinion.

Anyway, What you been up to English?

Robert hahaha... well, I'm just finishing my first semester of an Education Masters at TC, so I'm new to all this. I'd relish a discussion with you about it, cause it seems everyone in my classes want to teach grade school and have never held a real job in their lives.

As to the rest of my life... just getting used to being single for the first time in 6 years, trying to keep learning, trying not to spend every dollar I make as soon as it hits my hands... you know, the usual. Where are you at?

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