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God of Clocks by Alan Campbell
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Dec 23, 2009

really liked it
bookshelves: fantasy, steampunk
Read from November 14 to 20, 2010

I read the two preceding books about a year ago, and finally picked up the conluding novel in the series. This book started off at 4 stars, sagged down to 3, then rose sharply to 5 stars for the entire second half, then settled at an overall 4 stars for me by the end.

This is a "dark" fantasy, which basically means that each of the characters have a touch of "bad" in them. This isn't overly done, so I was still able to attach myself to various characters, but in the end, you're alright if any of them gets what's coming to them (not that any of them do, which was strangely disappointing). The tone of this book and the preceding ones is also appropriate, given that this is a world where Heaven has been sealed shut and angels cast down to earth. The book involves two groups of characters as they both try their solutions to preventing Hell from taking over completely. One goes down under to fight the king of Hell himself, while the other takes the opposite route and decides to try to storm the now closed gates of Heaven. Through in a little (very well done) time travel and you've got yourself a pretty entertaining novel.

The majority of the book was really good, but there were a few slow moments near the beginning and the ending was not completely satisfactory. It's one of those books where you're getting near the end and you suddenly realize there's only 10 pages left and absolutely no way that the author is going to pull this off. Still, the ending wasn't a complete waste, it just had so much more potential than was realized. A little more clarification about what was actually going on at the end might have been beneficial as well.

Overall, I thought the series as a whole averaged 4 stars and was worth reading for anyone who can let themselves enjoy a "dark" fantasy novel. Not everyone can, it's hard when there's more gray, and less black and white.


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