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Hogfather by Terry Pratchett
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Dec 22, 2009

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In Hogfather, a novel by Terry Pratchett, Death is covering for the Hogfather (a character similar to Santa Claus) on Hogwatchnight because the Hogfather has been kidnapped. Death feels very strongly about giving all of the children, rich or poor, the same quality of presents, in his opinion everyone is equal and should be treated equally. Death's assistant Albert strongly disagrees. Death's understanding of Hogwatchnight is that everyone should be happy and get good presents. Everyone, meaning, the rich and the poor. Albert says that the thing that makes people happy is when they know that they have more than other people. Therefore Albert believes that they should give the rich kids lots of toys and the poor kids few toys, because this will make all the rich people feel joyful. But Albert is not thinking about the poor.

There are many people in our world that believe in making the rich richer and the poor poorer.Albert is like all those people. I don't really understand why some people think this way because in my opinion it is really stupid. Maybe they feel that if they make the rich richer, then the rich will help them. Or maybe they think that there is no hope for the poor, so they don't even bother to try to help. It's not fair though, they are treated like they are not human. I think that the people like Death, who believe in treating the rich and the poor more equally, are much more sensible. If the people in government only helped the rich, then no progress would be made. But if they helped the poor then there would be no poor people, so the money usually being spent to help the poor could be spent on something else, and everyone would have a job. Therefore there would be more productive work going on in the world.

When Albert was a little boy he was "poorer than a church mouse" and every Hogwatchmorning when he took down his stocking, he got nothing. Eventually he got used to it and to him Hogwatchnight was just another night. I think that he may have noticed that he, a poor boy, got nothing on Hogwatchnight, and all the rich kids got loads of toys. Now Albert is a grown up and must think that all the poor kids should get nothing, and that all the rich kids should get everything. Albert thinks that this is the way it should be because this is the way it has always been. Death thinks that things should change.

If I were in Albert's position I would give everyone loads of toys. I would want to give the poor kids the toys they wanted. I would want to make sure that they didn't miss out. But unfortunately some people feel that if they didn't get something, then nobody should. It is wrong but it is true. Albert was treated very unfairly when he was a kid, so he must feel that since he was treated badly, then ever poor child should be treated badly. Sometimes past experience affects peoples lives greatly. Often times people who are mean, brutal, or just not very generous are the way they are because that is how they were treated when they were kids. These people don't understand that they shouldn't treat other people based on how they were treated a long time ago. Also, if you treat people badly because of how you were treated when you were a kid, they will just hate you. They know nothing about your past. To them you are just a mean, nasty jerk.

It is wrong to make the rich richer and the poor poorer, because it makes absolutely no sense at all. It is also not right to do what Albert did. Albert wanted to treat the poor kids unfairly because of his past experience, he did not realize that what he was doing was wrong. It is bad to treat others unfairly based on how you were treated when you were a kid. Other people may not understand your situation, and will just hate you.


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