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Signature in the Cell by Stephen C. Meyer
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Dec 22, 2009

really liked it
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Read in December, 2009

i liked the book, i enjoyed reading it, the only problem is that he is wrong.

first, id, is fruitless as a research theory, mostly because it causes the discussion to rise from the science level to the theolological, it is a lot more interesting to discuss the designer than it is to talk about how.

second, is that he is really discussing abiogenesis and through a sleight of hand trick says that this criticism makes the neo-darwinian synthesis suspect. nope, creating the first replicator is not the same thing as evolution.

third is the usual confusion of levels that happens in these discussions. partly it is about what is science and what is metaphysics, partly it's a confusion over the term chance, which straddles the line between these levels.

but the biggest one is that it really is a god of the gaps argument. as a Christian i see everything as the will of God, when it rains on my house and when it doesn't. but as a student of science i find god elusive and invisible, to explain why it didn't rain on my house last night i don't resort to God's nature but to meteorology. but that doesn't challenge my faith that God is in control. but a god of the gaps argument seems to find god only in those ever-diminishing gaps, not everywhere as the final and most important reference.

anyhow, it's good, take the time to read and understand it, a good entry into the debate.
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