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The Prophecy by Erin Rhew
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it was amazing


I will admit, I got the push to read this book as a result of Crystal in Bookland's huge giveaway but it was already on my Nook beforehand. And I am so regretting not getting to it sooner!

I fell so in love with Layla's character! She is such a real character.

There was a moment where she was almost facing her own death however unlike the general routine of either cowering in fear or showcasing random amounts of bravery, Layla uses a different approach. More realistic I believe.

"[...] I have to kill you."

She wanted to scream or argue, to beg for her life, yet only one word slipped from her mouth. "Why?"

She has such human characteristics. In the YA world where you can literally be whoever you want and in a fantasy novel the characters can sometimes lost the humane qualities. Girly-ness that comes from most teenagers especially around a cute boy mixed with the Vanguard strength and toughness blended perfectly. And she also refreshingly made mistakes! But they also weren't the type that resulted in death because it was that serious of a situation. She just had some down-right simple screw ups. And it was cute...

He turned and caught her staring at his lips no less. Her face grew warm.

I loved all the other characters as well. Vespa was the best friend kind of character. Amidst all the craziness, jealousy, misunderstandings and unjust hatred she is loyal. unbiased and honest. Even if you stake a claim against her own family, she would feel some type of way but would still listen.

I loved her specific relationships with Layla so much. They were both little sisters to two big brothers and were closer than they thought were more of family than either knew to be honest... And they broke the barrier of helpless little sister/female character, and just because you are in love with a boy does not mean you suddenly become unable to defend yourself.

Her brothers were also amazing. Grant showed up early and later on, but the boy brought his A-Game with him! And Samson, boy where the hell were you? I really hope he shows up more in the sequel and Grant cause I love sibling scenes! Also whether or not her mom and dad are going to show up.

THE BOYS THOUGH. I love Will and Nash so much <3 Layla was in the worst kind of love triangle, herself vs. brothers. There isn't too much that can be said because most of their relationships weren't real and delving further could spoil severely but another reason I REALLY NEED THE SEQUEL!

This book had some really cool parts to it. The POV wasn't a set of characters, it was more of an as needed basis. If the story switched and the previous storyteller wasn't there, the POV would simply change and sometimes never be spoken of again.

There were some "OH SHIT!" moments, but it wasn't huge in the moment, more like "Okay, this has happened, we've processed it, now what the hell is going to happen now??"

Shit also hits the fan on an astronomical level near the end of the book. You will know when you get there, so just be sure you have the hours in the day to finish it cause you're not going to want to put it down.

By the end of this book I felt every single "nice" or on the good guy side characters felt the same about each other. They all would lay down their lives for each other without a second thought. Grant, Samson, Nash, Will, Layla, Vespa (and Samson too :) are a family on their own. The Volton was also a nice little character. He was the single looming father figure who seemed to genuinely care about each younger characters best interest and whether they lived or died.

Opposing, there have been few times when I have hated a character so much. Most of the times when I want to enter a book world I want to make out with the hot love interest, (and I did) but on the same level I wanted to strangle the life out of Elder Werrick.

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14.0% "You have no choice.” His clipped tone revealed no compassion. “It’s my life.” [...] “No, Layla, you are the Fulfillment. Your life is no longer your own. You belong to the First Ones, to the Ethereal prince, but most importantly, to peace.” He snatched the locket from her hands. “I belong to no one.”"
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