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Kiss the Sky by Krista Ritchie
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Full Review Posted on 1-30-14


CONNOR + RYKE + LOREN all that testosterone in one house....

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In Addicted I did not really like Rose however the second I saw her uptight a** has a little something something going on with Connor she piqued my interest. After reading Kiss The Sky I absolutely LOVE HER! These two are adorable with their Shakespeare quotes, and all that French speaking to one another I just want to eat them up! They intellectually turn one another on and we get front row seats GAH, I LOVED IT!
Now it’s quite possible I am the only person who skipped book #2 and read this. Whatever, that has no relevance I plan to read book 2. But for anyone else make sure you read the series in order because I’ve missed a few things and I need to back track now.


‘Rose is obsessive compulsive—a trait that has gotten out of hand since the paparazzi have clung to the Calloway family.’ -Connor

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‘I don’t like being out of the loop. If it involves my sisters, I want to be in the center fucking circle.’ -Rose

Rose Calloway is never one to back down and is fiercely protective of her sisters. She is currently on the rebound from the hit her clothing label and family name has taken due to her younger sister Lily’s sex addiction going public. With the help of a Hollywood producer she agrees and signs a contract to do a reality show rightfully named ‘The Princesses of Philly’. The show is set up to film Rose, Lily and Daisy along with Connor, Loren and Ryke. It will shoot for six months with a stipulation that includes for all six of them to live in one house with three cameramen to catch their every move.
And every move is exactly what they catch. The camera’s start rolling, the show hits television screens and millions now get to view the lives of the Calloway sisters while sitting in their very own living rooms.

Is it possible to give up too much of yourself? I would think so.

Ultimately you should always be careful because opening up to the world with your private life is one thing, flaws and all. Now mix that with a money hungry television producer and who knows the lengths he’ll take with those… opened liberties.

Each cast member is given a label and they are marketed by that label.

The Virgin – Rose
The Smartass – Connor
The Sex Addict – Lily
The Alcoholic – Loren
The Daredevil – Daisy
The Jackass- Ryke

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The main characters

‘He makes me believe that anything is possible. I don’t think I’ll ever find someone quite like Connor Cobalt.’ -Rose

Rose is the only one who has ever been able to see through Connor’s facade. The face he puts on never permitting others to know his true thoughts and feelings including his mother. His demeanor really tends to come across as cold nevertheless he can be charming if he wants to and he is always calculated. ALWAYS. Rose somehow looks past all that to the man. She hates the face he puts on and has no qualms with letting him know it.

‘I am not the girl you want to sleep with every week. I’m the chase. The one you catch and then release. And once Connor has sex with me, he’ll be done. He’ll have won the hardest challenge of his life—de-virginizing the biggest virgin. I know this. It’s how all men work with me.’

I have the biggest girl crush on Rose! She is beautiful, strong, confident and smart. No wonder Connor stuck around over a year without sex, he knows she is worth the wait. He loves respects and appreciates her, this is very clear to us as readers. Not so much to Rose, she has it in her head that he’ll leave once he gets the prize, meaning her virginity. That is not only a lie it is farther from the truth then she could ever realize. The truth can be hard to see when your boyfriend admits to not allowing himself to love anyone including his current girlfriend.

My Sweet and Sour

My Sweet- we are given dual pov’s in to the very facets of their minds. Which I must say was a true pleasure. There is a scene where he gives her historical play quotes and she has to guess the origin…LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!!

My Sour- Scott Van fucking Wright.


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FAVE LINES said or unsaid

“Go vomit in your Gucci handbag, you’ll feel better. And maybe you’ll expel some of that bitch inside of you.” -Loren

‘A crying baby—that’s a personal circle of hell for me.’ -Rose

‘People hope to touch the sky. I dream of kissing it.’ -Connor

“What?” I ask softly. He stares at me like I’m the only one he wants here. Underneath him.
“You and me,” he says and licks his lips. “We fuck like winners.”
I grin. He didn’t say I fuck like a winner. It was we. Us. Together.
-Rose and Connor

‘Promises from Connor Cobalt are like oaths spilled in blood.’ -Rose

‘Approaching Rose Calloway is like nearing a sleeping tiger. Every single time there’s a chance she’ll bite me.’ -Connor

My Thoughts
These characters stick with you. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! The chemistry between these six is INCREDIBLE! The only thing I could think after finishing this book was please hurry and release the next book! I’m eager to know what is going on with Daisy and Ryke all the secrets and whispered conversations.. I want in!

My Rating and Why
I gave Kiss The Sky 4.5 STARS because I love the writing style, the characters, and the story. Krista and Becca Ritchie are auto-buy authors for me!

My Ratings
Characters- Sweet, sincere and very easy to love
Writing Style- Excellent
Plot/Storyline- A wealthy socialite decides to do a reality show in hopes to change the public’s view of her and her sisters. She also wants to get her business up and running again
Steam Factor- Medium/Moderately Steamy on a scale of 1-10 I say 7.5
Overall- I LOVED IT!
My Recommendation: READ THE BOOK!

Now go forth and read. Then come tell us about it on Goodreads!

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*ARC kindly provided by the author's for an honest review*

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Ilana I am super excited to read this book! I can't wait to get my hands on it!

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Jen I can't wait to read this one! Hope your enjoying it Alexis!

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• Lisa • FANTASTIC, babes x

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Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤  Wonderful review Alexis :))

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Thank you Pavlina!! :))

Christine Fab review darl!!! Totally loved this book!! ❤️

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Yomi M. AMAZING review Alexis :)

Paula Love the review sweets! This book is made of awesome! :)

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Christy Fantastic review, Alexis! <3

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Fab! review, hun.

Baba  Fab review, Alexis! :)

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Brandi wrote: "Awesome review, Alexis! Love this one too :)"

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