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The Most of It by Mary Ruefle
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Dec 16, 2009

really liked it
bookshelves: poetry

I enjoyed reading this book of poems.

A few of her lines seemed good for prompts:
“I have the distinct impression
I am being watched

Not worth mentioning except ---

“Things my therapist told me years ago…still struggling with.”

Some words I looked up:
Trepanning—surgically cutting out disks of bone from the skull using a trephine—derives from the art of mining rock by using a similar tool for sinking shafts.
Anchorite, N. a person who has retired into seclusion for religious reasons. (to withdraw)
Novitiate, 1) the period of being a novice 2) a place where novices live.
Eucharist, N. 1.a. a sacrament and the central act of worship in many Christian churches, which was instituted at the Last Supper and in which the bread and wine are consecrated and consumed in remembrance of Jesus’ death. Communion.
Homunculus, N. 1.a. a diminutive human being. 2. a miniature, fully formed individual believed by adherents of the early biological theory of preformation to be present in the sperm cell.

I enjoyed this book of poems very much. It was loaned to me so I don't have it around to reread, but it is a book worth rereading.


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