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The Forever War by Joe Haldeman
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Dec 16, 2009

liked it

Here's a Classic from a Top of the Line Writer.
Its set in the Future(well ofcourse) and Man is at War with
Aliens(again). They fight in far off places (no need to let the enemy
know where one lives ya know) And it takes a long long time to
finish(relativity and all that.

Examples of Bad Government abounds. (which is always timely)

This book does have some BS To it. The whole government turned
humans into homo's and made Hetro illegal for population control is
way off believable. Especially when they can(and do at some point)
make everyone sterile.

Worse is that as you keep not learning what started this forever war
in the first place, or 3rd. you get the feeling that it probably was
some dumb human greed Government screw up.

WHich you would be right. in fact it was just assumed by the
government that the Fantastic discovery of another Intelligent species
in the Big U. Meant that they obviously had something to do with their
first two space crafts destruction and/or disappearance.

It was obvious to the Generals running things that this war is exactly
what the Earths economy needed(yes that does sound McStupid, but Joe's
going on human history on this one) Still it is Stupid regardless of
recent historical facts being stranger then fiction,or sounding like
it should be.

With the Aliens unable to figure out how to communicate with us. OUR
World Gov decided to KILL KILL KILL.

Don't worry they all get together in the End and hold hands.

With all that Mumbo MaGumbo being said. This was still Entertaining
enough to be placed in the Annuls of SF History. Which is either an
Outstanding feat of the Author or a indictment of most writers in the field.

Still a mostly enjoyable ride and gets 3 & half D cups outta a 5 breasted
Zingo Pro slapped on!


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