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Never After by Dan Elconin
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Dec 15, 2009

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A very unique book for sure. I didn't realize that Never After was a twist of the classic Peter Pan tale until I got to the middle of this novel. It was definitely interesting to see how Dan Elconin twisted the original plot line to make it seem as if Peter was the villain and Hooke was the good guy.

Though the plot itself was entertaining, I found the writing to be fairly simplistic. I could definitely tell that the book was written if not by a college student then a high schooler for sure due to the language used and the style of the writing. There was so much sexual connotations thatit seemed as if it was everywhere. Though it was humorous at first, I have to admit, I did get a bit tired of it after a while.

The characters, Ricky and Company, are well-developed enough. They definitely could use work on the depth of each character but I suppose it's good enough for a college student. The one thing I can say for them is that it was a fairly good description of today's teenage boys and girls. Oh, and the humor was fantastic. Other than that, the book was adequate.

The ending was a slight cliff-hanger because I felt like there was a lot of different interpretations that you could get from the last chapter. It was slightly disconcerting.

Overall, Never After was a humorous and entertaining novel and gave a interesting twist on Peter Pan but be prepared to be drowned in all the soon-to-be annoying sexual connotations.

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