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The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer
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Oct 21, 2007

did not like it
Recommended for: no-one
Read in November, 2007

I'm actually listening to this on CD and it has been "translated" from it's original "Old English" to a bit more modern English. And I must say, I am grateful that it has been, they provided a snippet of what it might have actually originally sounded like and I could barely understand a single word! It was amazing!

I couldn't finish this. Perhaps it's the translation. Perhaps they didn't translate it enough. Perhaps it's just the content. But I just didn't care for these stories.

The first one about two knights in prison fighting over the love of a girl that doesn't know they exist (and from the timing of story, it appear that they fell in love with this girl when she was 7 or 8 years old! And they're grown men!) And then when they get out of prison they continue to fight about it, then the king gets involved, then the gods get involved. I had a hard time identifying with any of these characters.

The next was riske and strange and so was the one after that. I started fast forwarding at this point and though the commentator said that the next story where the woman talks about her 5 husbands is one of the best studies in characterization, I just couldn't bear to listen to the woman.

Anyway, I quit.
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message 1: by Othy (new) - added it

Othy Just as a note (I'm sorry, I'm a medievalist), but the Canterbury Tales was written in "Middle English." There's actually a pretty big difference between the two. Sorry you didn't like it, though if you heard through the tales you mentioned above, you've heard "the best" the collection has to give, I think.

message 2: by Somerandom (new) - added it

Somerandom Well, to be fair, this was written in an entirely different era, with it's own cultural customs. I'm pretty sure (if I haven't forgotten my History class) that at age 13 you were very eligible for marriage back then. My teacher refered to 15 year olds (in this time period) as "old hags" lol

Alan Your teacher would be wrong. People lived to about 60-70s contrary to silly modern myths.

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