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Dark Prince by Christine Feehan
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** spoiler alert ** Now, if you read my reviews, or take a peek at my shelves, you know that it's a rare thing indeed for me to give a one-star review, let alone not finish a book..

But this one? I just. I couldn't finish it.

I tried. I really did. But when I find myself playing Pac-Man online instead of finishing a book, we've got ourselves a problem.

I'm a fan of Feehan's Ghostwalker series. Though even many of them are rather poorly written (and let's face it, they really are), they're typically enjoyable and were able to keep my attention despite any qualms I may have had about the writing style...

This one though? Ug. It read like very mediocre fanfiction. *wrinkles nose*. I don't know. Maybe it's her vampire/Carpathian mythology that turned me off. Or maybe it was Raven's uber wishy-washy behavior. Maybe it was Mikhail's... well... Maybe it was just Mikhail lol

I don't know... Normally I enjoy stories with alpha males. You know, those smexy yet angsty fellas who have lived life by the creed of "My Way or the Highway", and who struggle between being all melty for the heroine and beating his chest trying to maintain the authority he's become accustomed to.. But I just wasn't feeling any chemistry between these two...

The whole thing (well, the part I read anyway) was just chock full of Raven going on and on, whining about how "independent" she was, and how awful it was that Mikhail was so domineering.. And then of course, all Mikhail had to do was be all like "but I'm just forcing you to bend to my every whim for your own goooooood", and she'd pout at him all prettily and give in and do whatever it was he wanted so long as he acknowledged how independent she was *beats head against the wall*

Perhaps we just got off to a bad start. As many others have pointed out, the book starts mid-stride, with no real introduction to the characters and then BAM! Suddenly they're psychically connected lifemates who bicker about everything and have sex. A lot. So much so that it's almost like Feehan is trying to distract you from the lousy story line by throwing a lot of bare breasts and fang action your way.

And I'm sorry. WTF is up with the heroine going back to the freaking inn to spend the night while our hero is out of commission, KNOWING THAT THERE ARE FREAKING SERIAL KILLERS STAYING THERE?!?!?! *facepalm* Hellooooo.. Why the fark would anyone think that was a good idea??

And some random psychic chick coming to pay them a visit at the castle? Really? *shakes head*

IDK.. Maybe I'm spoiled from where I glommed Nalini Singh a few days ago or something, or from where the last real "vampire" series I read (outside of Singh's Angels' Blood) was the deliciously-ridiculous-yet-oh-so-addictive Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole, but this one just flat out didn't do it for me.
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 Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Hilarious review, Jess. I've been warned this is the poorest Carpathian novel. I'll probably read this one next to last.

Fani *loves angst* Jess, I also managed to finish this only in my second attempt and it made me stay away from PNR books for years! I agree with you, it was very bad. Feehan stresses this "destined love" thing too much, and that was Michail's only reasoning to why he wanted Raven, that I couldn't feel any other reason for those two to be attracted. I would like for him to admire a couple of traits of her personality -and vice versa- before he declared himself in love with her. Having the whole plot based on fate that can't be denied, is not my idea of a good romance.

Eishexe Your review was much better than the book. It was a hell of a lot more entertaining, that's for sure. Fani's comment pretty much sums up what I was thinking.
Great job.

Carisa great review, lol, I didn't like this one very much either

message 5: by Caitlin (new)

Caitlin Ths Ghostwalker series is pretty good, so you would think her vampire series (Especially since it has over 20 books in it) has to be amazing right? It's not a good sign when you feel like slapping the main characters.... Especially when he calls her "little one".....

message 6: by Ornella (new)

Ornella Lewis yeah so true I am still trying to understand the capiltian thing, my friend said her book are so good, like what she said about kresly cole immortal series which i loved every book but this one book i cant even get a good hold as soon as i start i am bored.

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