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No More Dead Dogs by Gordon Korman
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Dec 07, 2009

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This book was not bad. It is a 4.5 on the AR reading scale. I probably won't recommend it to either of my kids right now just because it is very preteen. This would probably be a good book for a kid to read in middle school...except that the AR level is so low that the student probably wouldn't find any literary challenge if they read it at that age. I think the kind of student that would enjoy this book would have to be prematurely interested in girls or boys, and that doesn't describe either one of my kids. On page 6, the profane version of the word donkey is used, but I think that is the only offensive bit I found.

The protagonist's name is Wallace Wallace (his first and last name is the same). He is always VERY honest, even if it means being a little brutal. He is a very likeable character who is being raised by a divorced mom. He tries to help out as much as he can.

Wallace Wallace gets in trouble for not writing an acceptable review of an award winning novel about a dog (called Old Shep, My Pal--not really a book I dont believe). Wallace doesn't like the book since the dog dies, and he claims that every award winning book about a dog ends with the dogs death (i.e. where the red fern grows and old yeller). So of course his review of Old Shep, My Pal is brutally honest, and Wallace and the teacher proceed to go head to head throughout the book over the whole thing.

It's pretty funny, at times, how Wallace drives his teacher crazy. His teacher is in charge of the drama clubs production of Old Shep, My Pal, and Wallace manages to weasil his way into every facet of the production until the end result is not recognizable from the original!

Pretty cute, but I don't think my kids would be interested. There is just too much preteen content. It's very clean but also very over my kids' heads.

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