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The Invisibles, Vol. 1 by Grant Morrison
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Dec 03, 2009

really liked it

I don't know if The Invisibles is insane, brilliant, or both. Morrison is just throwing everything and anything out there, from Marquis de Sade to The Prisoner to Templar conspiracies. The book is difficult to get into, for two reasons. The first, and most basic, is the central character, Jack Frost, is a bit flat and somewhat tiresome--with so many complex and, let's face it, bat-shit nutty ideas flying around, he's a character who isn't equipped to carry the book. There's also the book's cadence, which is wholly unique, exhilarating, yet to difficult to unlock. It's like Gravity's Rainbow; you simply have to learn how to read it. Once you catch on to the world, the language, and the storytelling methods, it's a satisfying (to say the least) journey.

As I plan on moving forward with the series, my main concern is whether all of Morrison's historical/pop-cultural references and conspiracy theorizing will amount to anything, or if they will be just that--a series of references to wade through. Morrison has a history of presenting big ideas but not following them through or wrapping them up in a cohesive way (New X-Men, his recent Batman run). It's the corner his boundless ambition sometimes paints himself in. But at least when Morrison fails, it's always an interesting failure. That's Morrison though; he's nothing if not ambitious. And The Invisibles is wildly ambitious.
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