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Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld
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Dec 02, 2009

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Westerfield lost me at the two-thirds mark. I was hovering at four stars, feeling somewhat impressed, and then Alec goes to help Daron and she goes from sympathetic to despicable in a matter of moments... and Alec ends up being the one who apologizes. And Daron gets worse and worse, and yet she is portrayed as the real hero.

Sorry, no sale. For me, this Beastie was a bit of a Clanker.

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Marita What, you should know that females always expect appologies are they right or wrong! :) Specially since she is getting all tingely about the guy and is ready to tell him her seacret. I do expect her to be slapped down to reality in the next book. I could not help but love the English and their beasties. I am also interested in reading about the turkish Ottomans. Wonder what Westerfeld will come up with. What kind of eggs was Nora hatching?

Steven Kent Let me know what you think. I do not foresee myself reading the next installment.

Marita I suppose it will be at least an other year or so?? Who knows if I'll remember this book by then!?

Steven Kent Have you read Mistborn?

Marita No I have not. Who is the author for that one? That is a good name for a book. I am intriqued already! :)

Steven Kent Brandon Sanderson... he teaches creative writing at BYU and is considered the best upandcomer in fantasy fiction today. Robert Jordan asked him to complete the Wheel of Time series.

Marita I took a look at this and it sure has gotten fabulous reviews. Thanks for the tip! I also saw your newest clone book is out. My books to read list is getting longer and longer. :)

Steven Kent I don't know, Marita. I appreciate your support, but if you don't enjoy the clone books, you should not feel compelled to read them.

Marita I do enjoy reading your books!! The 4th one was my least favorite BUT I am actually very interested in where you went after it, since I could not imagine were or how Harris could find meaning to his life after such loss... I have 6 books on hold in the library and am working on a Dune book again right now. I'll get to your book too pretty soon I hope. Bryn and I are going to Hawaii before Christmas and then there is Christmas break... this is a good time of year for readning.

Steven Kent What island are you going to?

Marita Oahu, I've only been in the airport there before...

Steven Kent I grew up there. Want to talk suggestions?

Marita YES!

Steven Kent Turtle Beach at night, near Hale Ewa, you can see turtles swimming into shore.

Are you looking for restaurants? art galleries? beaches? boat rides? Deffinitely stay at the Hale Kulani if you are looking for a nice hotel. A night in the Kuilima as well, if you want to get out to BYU-H and the Polynesian Cultural Center.

Trevor would probably tell you to stay at the Marriott i Kapule. I have not stayed there, but I know it is beautiful.

Also, are you into gardening and plants? Are you into arts and crafts? What kinds of things are of interest?

Marita Restaurants, gardens, beaches, museums anything Hawaiian... :)
Thanks for these too.

Steven Kent Foster Botanical Gardens, at the entrance to downtown Honolulu is well worth the effort.

The Honolulu Art Academy may well be superior to SAM. My mother is a docent there. Let me know when you are going and I will check with her about her schedule.

If you go out to the North Shore, you should make an effort to visit the Heiau in Sunset. It is the alrgest on Oahu. They di human sacrifices at that Heiau.

If you go circle island, look up Turtle Beach--it is west of Haleiwa. Go at sunset and you can often see turtles from shore.

Matsumoto's Shave Ice in Haleiwa is an island tradition. The lines are longer and the shave ice is not that much better, but it is a tradition.

The waves will be big on the North Shore this time of year. The big wave surfers will be out--well worth watching, but do not get too close to the water.

The south shore, including Hanauma Bay will be placid. If the parking lot is full when you arrive, head west down the hill and park on the first street--Portlock Drive if memory servers. It is a short walk uphill, but you can always park there.

Sealife Park is NOT worth the trouble.

If you go to BYU-Hawaii, the best place to eat is at the Kuilima (or possibly the Turtle Bay Hotel--same place, the name recently changed.)

There is a Costco just west of Hanauma Bay in Kuapa Kai--that is where Trevor grew up, albiet not in the Costco. My point is that you can purchase WONDERFUL local foods at that Costco.

The best "plate lunch" these days is at a little hole in the wall place in Waimanolo--a town on the other side of Hanuama Bay. The place is called Kaneke's. You better be hungry, though.

The Kalbi Ribs are great. The Laulau is disappointing.

Do NOT go to Hawaii without trying LauLau.

There is a fast food chain called Zippy's that is always a safe choice in Hawaii--they have local favorites and burgers. Their chili is special.

Get to Kailua Beach park. Bryn will love it there.

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