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The Seduction of the Crimson Rose by Lauren Willig
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Oct 19, 2007

really liked it
bookshelves: fun-slash-junk, historical
Read in March, 2009

The author of the Pink Carnation series is back in top form! I've read the three previous books, and this was one of my favorites - I've started recommending the series to people. The format is the same, going back and forth between the present day history grad student and the actual people she's researching. I really liked the historical characters, and their relationship and attending mystery were interesting. And of course, it's as slyly amusing as ever.

"Of course they don't like him! Liking is for ninnyhammers. Real men elicit rancor." Pausing for a moment of deep consideration, she added, "Loathing, even. But never liking."
"Hatred, perhaps?" suggested Mary's brother-in-law, hiding his amused smile behind a tone of excessive gravity.
Mrs. Fustian was not impressed. "Certainly not. Any common laborer can hate. True connoisseurs prefer more subtle shades of aversion."

Mary didn't know terribly much about Vaughn, but she did know that he had spent the past decade on the Continent, reputedly doing all the dreadful and dissipated things one does on the Continent. No one was ever entirely clear about just what those dreadful and dissipated pursuits were, but they appeared to involve large quantities of pasta and loose women. (Actually, that last part kind of sounds like my life.)

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