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The Iron Hunt by Marjorie M. Liu
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Nov 26, 2009

did not like it
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Recommended for: Not even my worst enemy
Read from February 11, 2010 to June 12, 2011

I HATE this book! Everything about it is terrible. I feel cheated of my time and robbed of my money.

The plot is a simple one. In fact this would've served better as a novella because 300 pages was too many for what little was in them. And grammar nazis will have a fit, running out of red ink before they turn the last page.

For a supposedly lethal hunter and fierce protector of the world against monsters and demons imprisoned behind a veil, Maxine Kiss was a pansy-assed pussy. I'm sorry for my crass language but I'm so Mad. She asked everyone questions and whether they be friend or foe she never received a straight answer. Meaningless riddles are not an answer. She threatened but never followed through. ("You try anything, you even think about standing up, and I will have you shitting out of your dick so fast you'll beg me to rip it off." ~ Best threat) She just accepted these non-answers and moved on. To my frustrated consternation this happened repeatedly all the way through the book:

Maxine encountered someone, they talk some shit and do a lot of implying, she'd question them, they'd deflect or give some vague and incomprehensible response. Kick some ass, woman! Where's this fierce warrior that's supposed to "save the world"? Because frankly if you're our saviour, then kill me now. Pathetic.

And what the hell was she doing with someone like Grant? They live by such fundamentally different philosophies. Maxine kills the things that go bump in the night and Grant "saves" them. Slightly naive of him, if you ask me. Also, I'm not discriminating against the disabled here but if Maxine was going to settle down with anyone, shouldn't it be with someone who has the ability to run for his life? Otherwise, they're just cannon fodder. There's no way for him to keep up with her or effectively fight by her side. His flute would be no match for angry demon hordes.

I found none of the characters likeable, unless you count homeless teen Byron who was turned into a pitiable creature. Maxine was unkillable. It was absurdly cartoon-ish the way she was run over by a bus and got right back up again, completely unharmed. I wonder if she's hardy against poison and disease. Please, someone try it.

For someone slapped with a violently pro-active personna she did absolutely fuck all. All growl and no bite. The original premise was a good one but unfortunately it was poorly executed. By the end I still didn't fully understand what had changed from the beginning. It's taken me four excrutingly long months to finish this and that's with skimming.

On the 12th April I said:
"Iron Hunt sucks! I will congratulate anyone who managed to finish it. Those who gave this book 5 stars is not my friend. I've just offended 181 people but I don't care. I hate every character so far except maybe this homeless teenager who's probably just a flash in the pan. It's frustratingly slow and sparse on the background details. Good bits are few and far between. It's a challenge read so I have to finish. Stupid challenges."

I stick by this statement but to any future friends who may have rated this 5 stars, I'm sorry but we may just have to go our separate ways.
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02/11/2010 page 22
7.21% "Confusing. So many questions..." 4 comments
04/03/2011 page 90
28.0% "Restarted. Still not going great but I went and put it in challenges so I HAVE to finish it."
04/10/2011 page 112
35.0% "Damn, this is hard work."
06/10/2011 page 135
42.0% "How the hell did Byron make it past Max out of the shelter and all ready half beaten on the ground when she just left him in his bedroom before making her own way out of said shelter? This book is driving me nuts!"
06/12/2011 page 320
100.0% "Finally!"
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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

Yeah it really is. I liked it, but I was exhausted after reading it, and didn't have the energy to follow the rest of the series.

Literary Ames {Against GR Censorship} Yeah, not sure if I'll read the rest either even though I own the sequel.

message 3: by Steph (new) - added it

Steph LOL! No good or just a dense read?

Literary Ames {Against GR Censorship} No good. It's a 1-star book for sure. I'm going to force myself to finish it before the end of the month if I can.

message 5: by Regina (new)

Regina Good to know, don't think I wil start this one. For some reason, the cover appeals to me. But if it is bad .....

message 6: by Literary Ames {Against GR Censorship} (last edited Apr 24, 2011 02:59PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Literary Ames {Against GR Censorship} I wouldn't recommend this to anyone but Hunter Kiss is the prequel (which might be free, I'm not sure) and I'd strongly suggest anyone wanting to read this trilogy to read this first. The story starts in the prequel like with Briggs' Alpha & Omega series.

message 7: by Regina (new)

Regina LOL, well if you wouldn't recommend it to anyone there is no reason to start! Very few of my GR friends have read it and nobody rated it over 3, most under 3.

Literary Ames {Against GR Censorship} LOL, I guess not! I like your friends, they have good taste.

message 9: by Steph (new) - added it

Steph Yep, definitely a skipper then. ;)

Sandra Yeah, I gave it 3 stars and I'm a generous star giver.

message 11: by AH (new) - added it

AH I have this on my to-read list, but it can wait. I've read a story by this author in an anthology and was not wowed.

message 12: by Steph (new) - added it

Steph *giggle*

Literary Ames {Against GR Censorship} Stop laughing at my pain. I own the second book. *sobs*

message 14: by Regina (new)

Regina Oh that really really sucks. Maybe use it as a prop for furniture? We have a dresser that is uneven on carpet -- i have two paperbacks propping up the unevenness .....

Literary Ames {Against GR Censorship} Hmm, a bit disrespectful...I like it!

message 16: by new_user (new) - added it

new_user Hmm, I plan to read this, but don't defriend me if I like it. I'm kind of worried now. Four months... That's a real drag...

Literary Ames {Against GR Censorship} I'll try not to, NU, but if there's any fangirl squealing, I'm cutting you loose. I know you don't do too much of that so I think you're safe. And that's four months with skimming . I wish you well, my friend. Godspeed.

message 18: by Regina (new)

Regina Lol fangirl squealing.

message 19: by new_user (new) - added it

new_user LOL! I shall restraineth the fangirl squealing.

message 20: by Steph (new) - added it

Steph LMAO!!

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

hehehe. What made you buy the second one?

Literary Ames {Against GR Censorship} I bought it at the same time as the first. A fantastically brilliant decision I thought at the time, one I now utterly regret. They were heavily discounted at a closing down sale a few years ago.

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

Well, I LOVED it. Thought it was brilliant and well-written. I could not put it down. But I do appreciate your perspective, and I realize that we all have different tastes in literature and that reading and reviewing is subjective.

Alana ~ The Book Pimp I appreciate that you don't like it, but seriously you're going to 'unfriend' people because they liked it? Seems a bit extreme.

Literary Ames {Against GR Censorship} My dislike was that extreme. I only friend people who have similar interests to myself. Besides, none of my friends gave it 5 stars, so it's all good.

message 26: by Kelly (new)

Kelly ~Bibliophile~ Ugh, Thank you for this review and saving me money. It sounded like a good idea of a book but reading reviews such as yours makes me shy away from it. Thanks!

message 28: by Robin (new)

Robin Stone I couldn't finish it on audio or print

Emma Deplores Goodreads Censorship Oh, I hate it when characters give vague non-responses to important questions and the protagonist lets it slide! Follow up, people! It's like when a law student is cross-examining someone and they're so nervous about asking all their pre-prepared questions that they don't even listen to the answers.

Yeah, almost as annoying as when a character drops some tantalizing hint, then walks off. And do the protagonists chase them down and demand answers? Nope, they just let this maddening person with important information go on their merry way.

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